Friday, February 5, 2016

The First Haircut

My 3 year old daughter has epic hair. It's so long, so thick and has the most perfect curls. It's ridiculous to say, but I have major hair envy. 
I hadn't yet cut Kenley's hair for several reasons the first being I didn't want her to end up looking like this:
Yep, that's me. #awkwardphase
But seriously, some kids' haircuts are so brutal, I just couldn't do that to her. Secondly, I was scared the curls wouldn't come back. I know it's silly but I love those curls and the thought of chopping them off physically hurt me. And lastly, I wanted my Aunt Tina to be the one to give her her very first cut. My Aunt has been in the hair business for decades, owns her own salon in Fayetteville, Arkansas and gave both me and my brother our first haircuts. Kenley hadn't seen my Aunt Tina since she was 10 months old and actually, Tina did cut a teeny snip of hair off then so she could say she gave her the "first" haircut, but this past weekend in Colorado, it was legit.

 and After:
We ended up cutting about 6 inches off! It was a little emotional for me at first but ended up being really fun. Kenley's hair looks so much healthier and thicker and those curls are still there! And most importantly, she doesn't look like a freak! I mean, most importantly, my Aunt gave her her first haircut! ha! But seriously, Kenley may not get another haircut until we see Aunt Tina again.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Family Wedding - Colorado Style

Last Wednesday, when Jason was done with work, we packed up our kid and my car and hit the road towards the Rocky Mountains. We made a short pit stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa to jump on hotel room beds and get a few hours of shut eye. 
But, then, it was to Colorado we went for a weekend of celebrating! Our little princess was such a trooper in the car. She kept herself busy by looking out the window, playing games on the iPad and taking little snoozes with her baby Taylor Swift {yes, that is what she named her baby. Not Taylor. Taylor Swift.}

We rolled into the Mile High State late in the afternoon and it was straight to downtown Denver we went to get ready for my cousin's wedding rehearsal and groom's dinner. The groom's dinner was at ChopHouse and was fantastic. The food was so good, the atmosphere was really cool and it was so fun being together with my dad's side of the family, particularly my cousins and siblings {no offense grandma, parents, aunts & uncles - but us "kids" just have way too much fun together}.

Friday morning, priority #1 was getting my little flower girl to her hair appointment! It was so fun that she got to have that done and really be one of the girls. 
 After Kenley's locks were wedding ready, I brought her back to our room to get in a pre-wedding nap. I realized at this point I had a couple of hours to kill and my darling husband was fine hanging in the dark hotel room with the sleeping toddler. One thing about me is that I LOVE alone time, especially when it's out and about in a fun city. I had such an amazing afternoon enjoying the sunshine, mountain air and downtown Denver. I walked myself to Fluff Bar to get my hair blown out. It was a lovely mile or so down the 16th Avenue Mall. Fluff was great and so fun. They had Gossip Girl playing, champagne flowing {which I desperately wanted to partake in} and did an awesome job on my hair. Then on the walk back I made a couple of quick pit stops for some guac and a chai {life's essentials if you ask me}
 After being so tired and so sore from all the time in the car, this "me time" was the perfect revival. I was in a great mood and felt so ready to celebrate my cousin and his new bride. 

The ceremony and reception took place at Mile High Station which was a venue right up my alley. I loved everything about it! Kenley did an awesome job getting down the aisle and then proceeded to chat during the entire ceremony. She was mostly talking to herself {although she did look at me and say "I wuv you" at one point} so hopefully it wasn't too distracting for Ben & Emily. The venue was super dark and I didn't want to use my flash and mess up the professional photos so I don't have any great photos of her executing her FG duties, unfortunately.
After the ceremony it was party time and believe me when I say that I'd be hard pressed to find a family that parties like mine does. I counted and realized I have been pregnant at seven weddings and this one was the most fun one to be sober at, and that's truly saying a lot because the other six weddings were far from duds! The food was awesome, the music was awesome, my family was crazy and hilarious and I danced myself silly using my Ziggy bump as my dance partner {which I majorly paid for the next day - ouch!}. It was seriously so much fun and I wish we could do it all over again! 

My beautiful new Cousin-in-Law posted this sneak peek from their photographer yesterday and I couldn't resist stealing it! SO beautiful!
I couldn't be happier for my cousin, it's amazing seeing him so happy and so in love and I know I speak for my whole family when I say that we are thrilled to have Emily join our circus. It was a beautiful, fun and memorable wedding and I am so glad we got to be a part of it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

{bump two} 27 weeks

Baby :: appx. 14.5inches & almost 2lb {a head of cauliflower!}
Baby is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing his eyes and maybe even sucking his fingers!
91 days til Due Date!

See that photo up there? That is what a whirlwind vacation, 4 different beds in 4 nights, 14 hours in a car and 5 hours of sleep looks like. #exhausted

Aside from growing bigger and more uncomfortable by the day, not a whole lot of baby related stuff went down this past week. We just got back from Colorado, so last week was all about family and celebrating my cousin's wedding and grandpa's 90th birthday. It was an incredible weekend and a perfect break from the major baby brain I've had lately. 

It is pretty crazy though, how I am feeling now. My body seems to know the third trimester is looming and has decided to hop into it a little early. I don't feel like my belly looks that huge but it feels enormous. Ziggy's movements are getting bigger and more painful, I am getting more and more out of breath and am just starting to get overall uncomfortable.
But seriously, pants are the worst. I try and wear them as little as possible. It should be an interesting 3 months if I am already feeling this way. Yikes!

Since I am tired and recovering from our vacay and all the weekend's festivities, you get the quick and easy kind of bump update today (4 days late because I was 27 weeks as of this past Friday).

Size of the baby?  
ALMOST 2 POUNDS! That is crazy to me! That seems so legit. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss?  
I'm not weighing myself this week. I just don't wanna. haha!

Maternity Clothes?  
I'm pretty much living in sweats lately but when I do force myself to wear pants, they are my maternity jeans and when I have to look nice I am wearing maternity dresses. Still on the hunt for some Sprinkle outfits, I think I'm getting close though.

Stretch marks?  
Nope. None to be found so far! Hallelujah

Best Moments?  
Seeing my ENTIRE family over the weekend. Both my dad's side and my mom's side were in Colorado {dad's side for cousin's wedding, mom's side for grandpa's birthday} and it was so much fun to spend time with everyone! 

SO MUCH MOVEMENT. I was telling Jason that I wish I had ultrasound equipment so I could see what the heck he is doing in there. I'm pretty sure I can tell now whether the movements are hands or feet and I feel pretty confident he is head down as of now but these giant movements...I'd love to know what kind of cardio kickboxing moves he's practicing in there.

Food Cravings?  
Not really having any cravings and nothing really ever sounds good. I almost wish I was craving something just to help me make a decision on what to eat.

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Not really. I'm still not feeling chicken but other than that, everything is sitting fine.

What I miss?  
I have definitely missed a glass of wine here and there but overall haven't missed alcohol too much, except for this weekend when my entire family was enjoying cocktails and getting rowdy. Although, I must say, my cousin's wedding is the most fun I've had pregnant at a wedding {and it was my 7th one}.  I also miss walking 5 feet without getting winded. 

As long as I don't go too long without eating, the nausea is non-existent. For now.

Big belly. Achy muscles. Some round ligament stretching. Pressure down below. Leaky boobies.

Labor signs?  
No labor signs yet {keep cooking Ziggy} but he definitely feels low and at times I feel like he's going to drop right out.


Belly Button In or Out?
The button is still in, but it's getting shallow.  

Wedding rings On or Off?  
Rings are on and still fitting normally. My fingers have been swelling a bit when I workout, so I have to take them off then but other than that we're good.

Sleep is getting harder. I'm just so uncomfortable and since I can't lay on my back or my tummy it doesn't leave me a whole lot of options in terms of finding a comfortable position. And then of course there's the bathroom breaks.

What I'm looking forward to?  
Our babymoon!!! We leave 2 weeks from today and I CANNOT STINKIN' WAIT!!! I also have a doctor's appointment and ultrasound coming up, so I am looking forward to seeing my little boy. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Baby To Do {3 months to go}

THREE MONTHS TO GO? Excuse me? My due date is 3 months from today. That's only 13 more weeks of pregnancy {give or take}. Cue excited panic! After the very busy and exhausting month of December, I kind of deemed January as Baby Prep Month. I've been nesting like crazy and have baby on the brain BIG TIME. Aside from our vacation to Colorado {which we are currently on}, we have had a pretty low key month so it was the perfect opportunity to really focus on this to do list and get things CHECKED OFF!

  24 week prenatal visit & glucose screen - I had my appointment on January 11th and was happy to pass the glucose test and hear a healthy little heartbeat. 

  Start tracking baby's movement - this little man is an active one! I use a baby kick app to track his movements once a day and so far he's hitting that 10 movement mark within minutes on a consistent basis.

  Work out the details of maternity leave - My last day at the coffee shop where I work once a week will be on April 1st {sad face} and I will not be returning after baby, it'll just be too tough. As far as Tzu Tzu Sport goes, we have an awesome team of chicas who can easily do the things I do while I'm having this baby. Our office is so close and I can bring Ziggy, as well as do some things from home. So I don't really have a set timeline for a "leave", I'll just do my best to find a new rhythm after baby is here. 

  Pre-register at the hospital - We are all signed up so they are ready for us whenever Ziggy is ready. I also signed up to take another tour of the Birthplace at the hospital. I know I was there with Kenley and everything was great but hospitals really freak me out and I feel like seeing it again and being there again will help ease my mind. I mean, it's been 3.5 years and I'm pretty sure I was blacked out for most of that hospital stay. 

 Study up on circumcision (if necessary) - This will be necessary and has been read up on. I know for sure it's something we want to do and something we will do right away {tear! poor baby!} and after talking to insurance, sounds like will be something that is mostly covered. 
  Get hospital & coming home outfits for baby - I bought a couple of super cute and comfy jammie outfits from Baby Gap for the hospital. April/May in Minnesota is tricky because we could have 5 feet or snow or it could be 75 degrees, so I figured it'd be best to have a couple options to dress for the weather. I also ordered a custom name hat and swaddle from Boco Baby which arrived and are so much cuter than I could have ever imagined!!!!! 
productImage productImage 

  Make a "Labor Day" plan for Kenley - As I mentioned, this is one of those things that has been keeping me up at night. Not because we don't have wonderful family and friends who are willing to help but because there is just no way of knowing when or how labor will start and happen. I want to labor at home for as long as I am able and want Kenley to head out as soon as things get started. She is so excited about her baby brother and I want to keep this experience as fun and stress-free as possible for her. Depending on little man's timing, she will go to my dad's or Jason's dad's house with two of my besties on standby if we need any help logistically along the way. Whew, it's a relief to at least feel like there's some kind of plan. 

◊  Start pregnancy safe workout routine - I got on a workout roll after the new year and got in some kind of workout for 11 straight days, then got sick and it all fell apart. I'm anxious to get back in a groove after our trip.

  Reach goal of walking/running/biking 400 miles - It's likely this goal will not be far I'm at 91.46 miles. {308.54 left to go, yikes!}

  Talk to Sara Jayne about maternity, hospital & newborn shoots - We have our maternity session booked for early March and I'm so excited! The hospital and newborn shoots we'll have to nail down once little man is here {or close} but I am starting to browse some ideas and inspiration!
  Find Sprinkle outfits - The 4 dresses I mentioned in my last baby to do post from asos were all terrible. I was so bummed. They were either way to big, way too long or way not flattering. So I sent all of them back and started from square one. Thanks to some awesome sales on Pink Blush & Motherhood recently, I was able to order a few others to try.

  Hostess gifts for Sprinkle hosts - I know what I am getting for the incredible ladies hosting my Sprinkles and have one of the items purchased! I'm really excited about these gifts and will have to remember to share after they receive them.

◊  Put together a Big Sister gift for Kenley - I know all the things I want to include in her gift, now I just need to start collecting them {without her knowing}.

  Find outfits and plan details for maternity shoot - We have our date and location set for the photos, now I just need to figure out what we are all going to wear. I have an idea of the look and feel I'm going for, so it's just a matter of picking the ensembles.

  Make hospital packing list and pick up anything we need - I have the list all put together so it'll be easy to pack everything up once we get closer to D Day.

  Work on the nursery - The big stuff is DONE! Now it's just a matter of organizing and decorating!

  Attend a TC Bump Club Workout - Still haven't made it to one of these. Hopefully soon!!!
  Create financial plan & beef up savings - This should be super high on the priority list, but still just hasn't happened.  

 Schedule some prenatal yoga classes - Yoga is so good for the body and mind and I need to get some classes in ASAP!

  Figure out Child Care - This stresses me out big time. I am lucky to have a flexible work schedule and an office where I can bring my kiddos. However, working with TWO kids will no doubt be very different than working with one. Jason and I need to take some time to figure out what life with two will look like and how we will manage our day-to-day, especially now that he has a new position and since Kenley will be done with school 1-2 weeks after Zigster arrives. 

{weeks 24-28}
  Attend TC Bump Club Workout
  Develop birth plan 

{weeks 28-32}
  Attend TC Bump Club Workout
  28 week prenatal visit
  Go on babymoon!
  30 week prenatal visit
  Schedule professional house cleaning
  Work on nursery

{weeks 32-36}
  Attend TC Bump Club Workout
  32 week prenatal visit
  Take maternity photos
  Celebrate baby at Sprinkle!
  Send Sprinkle thank you notes
  Finalize outfits & ideas for newborn shoot
  34 week prenatal appointment
  Unpack and wash baby gear, pump and bottles
  Finish nursery
  Pack for the hospital
  Pack Kenley's bag
  Build phone tree for baby announcement

weeks {36 -BABY!}
  36 week prenatal visit & group B stress test
  Design birth announcements and address/stamp envelopes
  Baby laundry
  Buy any remaining baby items
  Install car seat
  37 week prenatal visit
  Make freezer meals
  Rest & Relax!
  38 week prenatal visit
  39 week prenatal visit

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mentally Preparing for Two Kids

A LOT, and I mean A LOT, of thoughts go through a pregnant woman's mind every day. Many are irrational, many are legitimate and many we are just glad no one else can hear. I thought that with the second pregnancy my mind would relax a bit as I now know what to expect when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and the whole newborn thing but that's not really the case. 
This time around I am in such a better place emotionally, despite my hormones. With Kenley I was working full time out of the home at a job that really was just not for me. It impacted my life A LOT and required me to return to the office just 6 weeks after Kenley was born. It was hard and stressful and did a number on me during those precious, chaotic and cloudy first weeks that are tough as it is. While I know transitioning from one to two will be far from a breeze, I feel so much more relaxed knowing I have a job that's flexible and a boss who is family. Of course, feeling more relaxed doesn't mean that I don't worry and stress about what life will be like. I think of what a production it is to get out of the house with just one very competent three year old and I don't know how we're ever going to leave with two. I worry about my time management. I worry about having a fussy baby. I worry about being home all day with two kids, alone. ALL DAY. ALONE. I worry about never losing the baby weight. I worry about having a healthy baby. I worry about my marriage , not because I don't think we can handle it but because I want to be sure Jason and I have quality time together and don't lost sight of the US.  I worry about getting Bells Palsy again. I worry about finances. I worry about breastfeeding. I worry about losing my damn mind, which maybe I already have.

Call me crazy, call me naive but one thing I don't worry about is Kenley adjusting. Welcoming this new baby boy will require a transition phase for all three of us as obviously we will have to adapt to a new daily life. I know there will be highs and lows and I anticipate struggles here and there. BUT, I do not worry for one second about Kenley feeling jealous or resentful or behaving negatively as a result of her brother. We have been talking to her since day 1 about the things that baby will do, how things will be different, etc. She is SO EXCITED about this baby. She is also such a little helper. Kenley would honestly rather spend her day out running errands or helping me clean the house than she would playing with her toys. Of course, she'll have to play nicely with her toys when baby comes, which she does now, she just prefers to be by my side doing whatever it is that I am doing. So I'm anticipating a little shadow who is just happy and excited to be a part of her baby's life. Maybe I'm way off base but I feel like I know my kid, know that she's secure and happy and know that she will transition with little issue. I guess time will tell. But for now, this is one thing that just does not appear on the worry list. 

My biggest worry, does include Kenley however. I'm a planner and not being able to have a set plan is hard for me. But, truly, there is just no possible way to know when and how labor will go down {unless I have a planned c-section which currently doesn't seem at all necessary} so all I can do is have a basic plan set and hope that everything works out, which seems so easy to most of you I'm sure but when you are Type-A the "hope for the best" notion prompts serious anxiety. I just have this fear {potentially and probably an irrational one} that I will go into labor or my water will break and it will play out like a movie scene where everything happens super fast and Kenley will be here watching me scream bloody murder and will become terrified and scarred for life and will resent her baby brother for causing her mother so much pain. OK, irrational, definitely irrational. I KNOW that labor doesn't happen that fast. I KNOW that our parents are ready to be on call and will come get Kenley as soon as we need them to. I KNOW that I have two incredible girlfriends who have offered to come to the rescue if we get in a bind. I KNOW that Kenley is super go-with-the-flow and won't be at all rattled about being shipped off somewhere on the fly. This is just the thing that keeps me up at night as my mind runs through all the scenarios and possibilities. 

Before I got pregnant, I assumed I would have a hard time accepting the fact that Kenley isn't my baby anymore and would be emotional about adding a second kiddo but that hasn't really been the case. Kenley is so independent and smart that I kind of feel like she hasn't been my "baby" for a while now. Of course, she will ALWAYS be my baby but I am just so stinkin' excited about this baby boy that I feel completely at ease about their positions in my heart. If anything, I am overwhelmed with positive emotions and often find myself crying at the thought of seeing Kenley holding her baby brother or the thought of Kenley getting to have with Ziggy what I have with my brother.

I guess that's it. This post kind of went nowhere but it feels good to just let it flow out of my fingertips. And now is the time where you all tell me I'm not crazy. I'm not, right? I probably am. But just lie to me.