Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Official...

Coffee Buzz now officially has TWO, that's right two, Certified Food Managers. The Minnesota Department of Health requires that every food establishment has a food manager. In order to become a food manager you need to jump through several unpleasant hoops. Those hoops being: a 10 hour online course (which you have to pass with 80% or above), an additional 4 hours of studying and memorizing food borne illnesses and the internal temperatures of cooked meat (yup, always make sure your shellfish is cooked to 135 degrees, especially at a coffee house) and finally taking an 85 question exam that you need to pass with 80% or above. After all of this Jason and I proudly passed and are officially Certified Food Managers! This means you can all come to Coffee Buzz and drink your mochas comfortably being certain that the mug was properly sanitized.

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