Thursday, February 4, 2010

Schedule of Events

As things are wrapping up construction wise things are adding up on my schedule, here's the schedule of events for the next week and a half...

Friday, 5th: *Meeting with Cocoa Cola-we'll be ordering bottled Coke and Diet coke. *Meeting with Aramark-they offer a great service that will be a huge help to us! They supply towels, mats, and aprons and then once a week they'll come with clean ones, take the dirty ones, wash them, then do it all again the following week..*Towel, soap and toilet paper dispensers will be delivered-seems dumb but those little things add up! *Craigslist ad will be removed and we will narrow are near 200 applicants down to 20 interviewees.

Monday, 8th/Tuesday, 9th: *The electrician and plumber will come to finish up their work, which means SCONCES will be installed!!! They will also hook up all of our kitchen equipment and sinks. *I will be doing a first round of interviews as well!

Wednesday, 10th/Thursday, 11th: *Meeting with Espresso Partners-they are supplying our espresso machine and coffee brewer (some pretty key items), they'll come and just double check that all the plumbing and electrical have been set up properly for the machines. They will also test our water so they can determine how to set up our water purifier. *Pre-inspection Inspection. Our contractor is going to set up an inspection one of these days so that the health inspector can come and check out the progress. She will give us a to-do list on things we need change, complete or make sure we have by the time of the real inspection. I am nervous for this but I am glad we'll have a good idea of what she'll be checking for in our real inspection. *I will still be doing round one of interviews.

Friday, 12th: *The Geek Squad will be coming to hook up our TV, speakers, stereo etc. *A company called In-Focus who did a lot of our wiring will also be coming to hook up our POS systems and our Security System. *The handy man will also be coming this day to install our toilets; doors; towel, soap and tp dispensers and other little odds and ends. *Our menu boards will also be put up this day, which I am so excited for!*I will be finishing up round one of interviews.

Monday, 13th: This is most likely be the day that the espresso machine and coffee brewer will be installed! Once this is done that should complete the construction and installation!!! I am hoping that Jason will be able to start the second round of interviews this day as well!

From there we will have a cleaning crew come in and give it a really good scrub (it needs it)! Then the painter will come in and do some last minute touch ups. We will hire a couple of people and start training, training, training. will be time to open!!!

Whew, us luck!

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