Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today is my baby brother's 21st birthday. I actually remember 21 years ago sitting on a bench at the end of the hallway in the hospital with my Grandma K. We sat there patiently for what seemed like forever. Finally, I heard crying and my dad came out and said "You have a brother." I remember feeling very proud. I am so lucky that Nate and I are so close, he is one of my best friends and I know I can always count on him to be there for me no matter what, I hope he feels the same.
I am so proud of the person Nate has become. He is a junior at St. Olaf and was just elected as the captain of the St. Olaf basketball team. He is so smart, so driven and I know he is going to be extremely successful. I can't wait to see what he accomplishes, considering what he's already acheived at 21. I'm sure Nate doesn't read this and I'm sure he would make fun of me if he did, but whether he sees this or not I want my baby brother to know that I am so proud of him and I love him more than anything.

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