Friday, May 21, 2010

30 before 30

I found this fun little game on one of the fabulous blogs I follow (This is Katie) and thought it would be fun! It’s simple, just make a list of 30 things you want to do or accomplish before you’re 30! I am currently 25 (almost and a half) so I figure if I do 6 of these a year I’ll be good to go! It’ll be fun to look back at this list and cross these off as they happen and blog about them, of course! Click the link if you want to play too!

30 before 30

In no particular order….

  1. Get Married to my best friend (J not Libby)

  2. Have a baby. In a perfect dream world I would like to accomplish all 29 of these other things by the time I’m 29 ½  and then have a baby. Hey, it could happen!

  3. Go to Greece. I’m part Greek, so not only am I dying to go because it’s breathtakingly beautiful and filled with history but it’s my heritage.

  4. Run a 5k (maybe a ½ marathon), my Blogging Bestie and I are planning on running one the end of June, a 5k that is. We’ll see how that goes before I even begin to start thinking about thinking of running a ½ marathon.

  5. Coffee Buzz will be a successful, money making coffee shop and possibly be working on location #2!

  6. Buy a house. I would love to buy a house we can fix up or add an addition to; otherwise I would absolutely love to build a house!

  7. Start a Bridal Consulting Business, see HERE

  8. Own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s (preferably the ones I mentioned HERE)

  9. Travel to Boston, I’ve never been and have always wanted to go. I LOVE the east coast! Ideally, I’d like to plan a trip there while the Twins are playing the stupid Red Sox.

  10. Become an awesome cook, I’ve definitely been getting better and trying new recipes but I’d like to be able to cook without having to follow every little step of a recipe. AND, I would really like cook more meals opposed to eating out, which we do a lot.

  11. Travel to Australia and/or Fiji. I am obsessed with wanting to go to Australia. And I think Fiji would be the absolute perfect honeymoon! Glass bottom bungalow anyone?

  12. Play doubles tennis with my mom. I spent a fair amount of my childhood in a Fitness Club daycare while my mom and grandma were playing tennis. I loved it! I’ve grown up with tennis, and although I’m not great, I think I could get better. My mom and I have always talked about playing doubles together. We’d have a blast!

  13. Go to the Pac-10 Basketball tournament in L.A. Thanks to my darling boyfriend I am a huge Arizona basketball fan. I would love to take him to L.A. and go to the Pac-10 tourney at the Staples Center.

  14. Go to frickin’ Target Field since I am the only human in Minnesota who hasn’t been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15.  Buy my own car. I have been very fortunate to have extremely generous parents who have given me my last three (yes three….there’s stories behind this) cars. I would like to actually buy my own car and I would like it to look like this:

(Except I want the blue one)
  1.  Go to a Texas A&M football game. This one is more for J, but he would be sooo excited it would make me super happy too! Plus, every time they score we get to kiss!

  2. Man up and get the breast reduction surgery I’ve wanted since high school but have been too chicken to get. Surgery scares the crap out of me and I am a complete wimp when it comes to being in pain. But I’ve been talking about this for years.

  3.  Be debt free/Student Loan free

  4.  Eat dinner at the table. Once I start cooking all my amazing meals I want to eat them at the table with J. We’re always eating by the TV or computer. I really want to have family meals when we have a family, so we might as well start practicing.  

  5.  Go to the US Open. Again, I love tennis and I LOVE New York, so this would be an amazing time. It’s been on my bucket list since I was little.

  6.  Hit my goal weight and stay with it for more than a day! Cripes!

  7. Read more. I don’t have a number of books in mind, I’d just like to read more of them.

  8.  Reach Super Star status on my blog and have 500 followers! Lame, I know. But I love my blog and I want everyone else to too!

  9.  Host a holiday; I don’t even care which one…I’ll host Labor Day.

  10.  Organize my pictures! I want to get ALL of my recent, college, high school and childhood pictures scanned and saved on to Shutterfly and then start printing and making albums

  11. Get a sewing machine and re-learn how to sew (for some reason all those pillow projects in home-ec just didn’t stick)

  12.  Go to the NCAA Final Four with my dad, I guess J can come too

  13.  Go to one away Gopher football game every year! I’ve been to Michigan, Wisconsin, Northwestern and the Music City Bowl in Nashville. I’d also like to go to a game at all the Big Ten schools.

  14. Learn to make Dolmades, Spanakopita, and Pastitsio, these are all of my favorite Greek dishes and my mom always makes them for Christmas. I know my grandma showed me how to make dolmades a long time ago but I definitely need a refresher so I can carry on the tradition.

  15. Go to a puggle meet up so my dream of being surrounded by tons of puggles can be fulfilled. There’s a website: where you can create and join different groups based on different interests (for example Coffee Buzz has hosted a couple of coffee meet ups). Well, I recently joined the puggle meet up and they hold events at different dog parks and word on the street is that there can be up to 50 puggles at these events! On that note, I’ll leave you with this: 

 My little Bailey getting a bath! Look at those teethies! 


Carolyn said...

LOVE THIS! I am going to do my own version. :)

A Wedding Story said...

What an adventurous list!!! You can do it girl!

Mr. Puggle® said...

i have the same dream of being surrounded by a bunch of puggles! only i missed the 30 thing by a decade. hahahah. i am working on a meet up on the south side of chicago. hang out with the puggle posse sometime. it is the digital version of a puggle meet up. :)

Mrs. Bear said...

Love you're list! Def making mine soon :-)