Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lights. Chandelier. Action.

During Project Coffee Buzz, I had the daunting task of picking out all of the interiors before construction even started. That's right folks, I had to pick out the floor, paint colors, fireplace, counter-tops, lighting, everything before this little shop even had walls! Although it wasn't easy, it was loads of fun. The part that I was really dreading was picking out  lighting. In my mind there was nothing less exciting than different styles of track lights, that is until I found these bad boys:
My beloved wall sconces! These little puppies were the inspiration for the rest of the design elements in Coffee Buzz. I was (a hem, am) so utterly in love with them that the day they were hung I started to cry! I found them in the very, very early stages in a Thomasville Lighting catalog, I knew I had to have them. My mom and I went to Southern Lights in Burnsville and to my surprise....THERE THEY WERE! My mom and I spent the better half of the afternoon in that store and I have been back three times since, who knew lighting could be so much fun?

So now everywhere I go I am checking out the lighting! I have become obsessed, especially with chandeliers! And now I spend a substantial amount of time shopping for chandeliers I can't afford for the house I don't have. But when I do get that dream house and do have the money to spend on pimping it out with lighting I'll be ready! Here are some of my favorites:
 I LOVE this one for a bar area! They're little martini glasses! It is so cute and so original! It would look great over a bar-height table or a bar itself!
This one would be perfect for over the pool table I will undoubtedly have (right J?) It's hard to see from this picture, but there are mini pool balls in the center! So cute! 

This one I would LOVE for a bathroom! I love the pattern on the shades! You could do all kinds of cool paint colors and towels with this pattern and I love the metal swirls! 

Even though this is quite a ways off, I have always wanted to do a chandelier in a little baby girl's nursery! I am absolutely in love with this one! It would go beautifully with any color scheme and it's so elegant yet whimsical. I love, love, love it!

While we're on the topic of kids, how amazing would this colorful chandelier be in a kid's playroom? I have this vision of a room full of primary colors with tons of crafts and toys and this amazingly massive chandelier right in the middle!

I love this one for a master bedroom or an entry way, depending on it's size. It's classic, elegant and unstated. 

I have no idea where I would put this but I absolutely love it! And, it's only $116! I'm tempted to buy it now just to have for the future! 

This one I would use to bring out my inner Carrie Bradshaw and put it in a walk in closet! Don't those lights just scream Sex & the City? I love it! 

And now the Mack Daddy of them all........

 This bad boy is from the same Thomasville Midnight Walz collection as my precious sconces. When I saw this in person I tried to hug it. I am so in love with this chandelier! If I don't have this in my dining room someday I might just die. 


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