Thursday, May 27, 2010

New York Memory (2)

My sophomore year of college I went to NYC with my dad, step-mom, brother and little sister. We did a lot of fun things that trip; we saw 42nd Street and Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, we took a tour of Madison Square Garden, we took rickshaw rides through Central Park, but there is one part of that trip that really sticks out. My dad treated my step-mom and I to a very special trip to the Mark Garrison Salon! Mark Garrison is one of the top New York hair stylist and has even done Michelle Pfeiffer's hair! We got to go and have our hair cut and colored by some of New York's best. Let me tell you, Those high end New York salons treat you like a princess! It was by far the most amazing salon experience I've ever had and I doubt my hair will ever look that good again!
Me and D getting our hair did! 

Here's the BEFORE and AFTER shots of my beautified NYC hair! 

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