Saturday, June 12, 2010

Century Club!

This is officially my 100th post!!! WOWZA!

I started this blog in November of last year as a way for our family and friends to follow along in the progress of Coffee Buzz as it was being built. I had such a great time creating this blog and sharing the trials and tribulations of starting a business that I decided to continue writing. I found family and friends are just as interested in ready about my every day life and opinions as they were in the process of opening the business. And now, I have followers from the blog world! I am just amazed to see that anyone cares about what I have to say. It means a lot.

This blog has been such a positive thing for me. It's a great way for me to express myself but more importantly it's given me a creative outlet. I get to tap into some of my creativity with Coffee Buzz, but definitely not writing wise. I've always loved to write and I'm having so much fun doing that here. I thought it would be fun to re-post my very first entry!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby's First Pictures

A few weeks back, we went and saw the inside of the future Coffee Buzz! Consider these the "Before" pictures!  

This is our store front! If you look closely you can see a little puggle at the front door! :o)

This is a view from the inside looking out to the street. Eventually, this will be a view from behind our counter.

A view from the opposite side, the fireplace will be in the left corner--next to the window.

This is the view from the front door. Soon, you'll be able to see our counter, the hallway with the bathrooms and the attached dry cleaner.
WOW! I can't believe how far we've come since then! Not only Coffee Buzz, but the quality of this blog! Thank you so much to my followers! I get to so excited to see another one of you follow and LOVE all your comments! Thanks for reading!

Since, this is MY blog, I need to rant about something that really has me riled up. Yesterday, the Star Tribune printed an article about bar's hosting "Ladie's Nights." According to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights Ladie's Night is illegal gender discrimination. This week the department is going after five Minneapolis bars saying that by having ladie's nights they are denying men the equal right to "full and equal enjoyment" of their business. I understand how this is considered discrimination, I get it. BUT IT'S SO STUPID! It's a bar special and people are really so concerned about it that they have to make a discrimination case about it. PLEASE! Why can't people focus their time on something meaningful. What is the ridding of Ladie's Night going to accomplish? Homosexuals still can't get married! Women still get paid less than men! Until people stop being so damned ignorant there is going to be discrimination....frickin' bar specials aren't the cause or the cure for this major conflict that can only be blamed on stupidity. Until everyone starts thinking like equals and treating others like equals there will be discrimination! I'm going to stop now, before I really go off an offend someone. Oh, and one last thing...there are Guy's Nights too. I know because I've been to Guy's Night at Majors on SEVERAL occasions. Here's proof:


Jason Fawver said...

GUYS NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Coffee Buzz...We are getting there babe!
PS- I Love You

Syndal said...

I can't believe people are that concerned about ladies nights!!! your rant about other truly important issues was exactly spot on! grrrr!
congrats on 100 posts :)

Amber said...

Oh I saw that article in the Star Trib too! How ridiculous. I emailed my hubby at work with thoughts very similar to yours after I read that.....geez people...find a new cause, right? Congrats on the business! Great view!

Miss Chelsea said...

I'm new to your blog... not sure how I got to it, but I'm a new follower! I'm catching up on your coffee shop journey right now, that's so neat that you guys opened your own store!