Friday, June 11, 2010

The Bee's Knees

Coffee Buzz has now been open for over 3 months, like all businesses it's been a slow start. Right now we're putting all of our efforts into expanding our clientele. One way we're doing this is by offering more to our guests and completing our brand.

For example...

Look at our super cute Gift Cards we recently got in

Like I mentioned HERE we are adding Papyrus greeting cards to add that extra convenience for our customers. Only problem is, I love sending cards, so I'll probably be the one who ends up buying all of our cards.

We're also working on completing the decor. One of our favorite customers is a local photographer. She is amazing. She does everything from weddings to senior portraits to fine art pieces.PLEASE check out her website: Anyways, when reading her blog I saw this image and completely fell in love with it
After some facebook chatting (we're super professional, haha) Sara agreed to take some black and white images similar to this one downtown Minneapolis, for us! I am so excited to see what she does! I have no doubt the images will be amazing and look fabulous in Coffee Buzz. I'm going to get the prints matted and framed in black frames and put them here:
I'm thinking of doing three smaller frames over the mixing stations...maybe a horizontal one then a vertical one in the middle and another horizontal one. Then do one big one in the corner over the table. Thoughts?

Another thing we just added are these amazing handmade pens:
 J's little brother's girlfriend Lala (obviously not her real name, that's just what we call her) makes these amazing pens out of duct tape! We asked her to make a couple for us to use at the shop, because we always lose our pens and have to scrounge for one when a customer has to sign. We got SO many compliments on them we decided to sell them. Lala made up ten of these beautiful pens and we've already sold one! Now little Lala is an entrepreneur too!

Finally, and probably most exciting! Yesterday, we got our travel mugs in!!!!
Aren't they so cute?!? I am so excited about them and can't wait for them to go flying off the shelves! Plus, now I have a great birthday, Christmas, mother's day, father's day, and any day gift for everyone in my family! That's right can't escape the travel mug!

On another note....IT'S FRIDAY! Tomorrow, J and I have a short work day because we're going to the Twins game with four of our friends. AND, on top of that I negotiated a deal with J that I will clean our whole house (our friends are staying over tomorrow night) but in order to do so I need to leave work early today! SO, I'm off in an hour to clean like a maniac. We also have a bet for a beer at the Twin's game on whether or not I'll be able to clean the whole house (including all laundry) by midnight....wish me luck! I'm going to need it!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

OK - I LOVE the photos. That will look SOOOOO GOOD! I love the gift cards... I wish someone would buy me one! Those pens are soo cool! It's so amazing something so pretty can be made from duct tape!! I LOVE the coffee mugs. I am already plotting how I can get to the Buzz to get one. Jealous about the Twins game. LOL And I KNOW you can clean the whole house by midnight! I believe in you!! :)

KatiePerk said...

I am a new follower! What an awesome adventure you guys are having with the new business. The coffee travel mugs look great as do the gift cards. Those pens are darling! And out of duct tape? Lala is resourceful!

Enjoy your weekend!

paisleysandsugar said...

I love the look! =) I could totally spend my morning coffee there. Too bad I'm in the other side of the world. I'll just keep on following your stories from here for now.