Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bomb A$$ Weekend!

Holy macaroni! This weekend was ahhhhhmazing!!!!! I am going to need three more days off just to recover and regain rest.

Friday night I got to enjoy a lovely date with my man at my most favorite restaurant Big Bowl. It was really relaxing and low key and super delicious!

Saturday morning I worked at Coffee Buzz and was lucky enough to leave early and enjoy the beautiful day. I met my mom at the country club for a couple of hours by the pool. It was fabulous, and I got some much needed sun. Saturday night we met up with Jake and my BB Carolyn in St. Paul. We ended up at the most random, small town bar called Big Johns. Best part of the bar was the jukebox...it was one of the internet ones so it had a ton of songs both old and new....let's just say Backstreet Boys, Britney, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner and TLC all made appearances. The night was a blast.

Sunday, the Fourth of July was the quintessential "American" day. J and I once again met up with Jake and Carolyn and we went to the Twins game. Unfortunately, we lost, but we of course had a ton of fun!

After the game, the four of us headed out to the lake to meet my family out on the boat. The weather was great and we had a ball.

After the boat ride we scored a super sweet table at Bayside right on the lake. We hung out, ate dinner and watched fireworks! AND, the most exciting part....my BB asked me to be a bridesmaid in her and Jake's wedding! I am so excited and honored and thrilled and happy! It's going to be so much fun!!!! I may have gotten so excited that I dropped J's i.d. through the cracks of the restaurant floor and lost it in the lake forever. Oops! Other than that the day was perfect and was one of the best fourth of July's ever!

Yesterday, J and I spent the day catching up on sleep and then went to Canterbury for Dr. Corona's race and HE GOT SECOND!!! It was an awesome race and he did amazing! He was in a photo finish for first and got second by a nostril! It was so exciting!!!

You all know I can't pass up a Tuesday without recapping the Bachelorette. But, I was not overly thrilled by the episode so I'll make it brief.

still LOVE Chris and Roberto!

No idea why Frank keeps getting picked? He lives with his parents? Really?

Sad about Ty. I really liked him.

Jake and Vienna. What is there to even say? No one is surprised you broke up and no one cares. The whole thing was so ridiculous and so stupid. Jake just bugs the crap out of me and I'm still not certain that he actually likes girls. I agree that he's a "fame whore" but her saying that is calling the kettle black. I hate to admit it but after this stupid interview I'm actually Team Vienna, if anyone cares enough to even make teams. They're so stupid.


~*Jamie*~ said...

OMG! I TOTALLY agree about the Jake/Vienna saga. I can't stand either of them. Jake seems controlling and borderline abusive while Vienna is still a skeezer. I'm with you on the Team Vienna thing though. Despite her skankiness, she's better than Jake and deserves to be treated better.

Jason Fawver said...

Please take note of the little kid in the background of the pic of you and Carolyn.....HAHA

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

EEK! BB is in the wedding! Get ready for chaos! :)

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Totally agree on all the bachelorette drama!! its too much!!

Looks like you had an AMAZING weekend!!

and I call him My Roberto to his face!! He thinks Im crazy but he's just like him. even down to his mannerisms! its AMAZING!!!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Such a patriotic 4th :)

And, definitely agree about bachelorette - Franks needs to go!