Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth of July Friday

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Favorite Activity for 4th of July Weekend

As most people know, Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and in the summer us Minnesotans take FULL advantage. Every year since eighth or ninth grade (minus one year when I was in Colorado) my girlfriends and I would spend the 4th of July on Lake Minnetonka. My friend, Megan, lives on the lake and every year her parents were nice enough to let us girls invade their house and boat. We used to meet at Caribou Coffee in the morning and all load in to Abby and Molly's cars (because they were white and we would paint them with red and blue car paint....making them into American flags) and head out to the lake. We always had so much! I didn't have time to dig through my old pictures and find some from high school but here are a few of my favorites from recent years! 

Sticking with the 4th of July theme, I wanted to share some pictures from a trip J and I took 3 summers ago to Colorado. Both J and I have family in Colorado so the first summer we were dating we decided to take a trip there for the 4th. It gave us the opportunity to see family we don't get to see very often and for us to meet important people in each others lives. It was an AMAZING trip!!!!

We started the trip off by going to Washington Park with my cousin and his friends for a day of drinks, games and grilling.
Me and my adorable cousin, Ben!
Then that night we went out downtown Denver and attempted to watch fireworks from the deck of one of the bars, but unfortunately for us the deck was too crowded. It was still an absolute blast!

The next day, we went to my grandparents house! We were so lucky because my Aunt Tina and Uncle Mark happened to be in town from Arkansas. We made an amazing dinner on the grill. I'm so glad J was able to meet all of them!
My grandpa and I in my favorite tree in the world...a beautiful cherry tree in their back yard.

After dinner with my grandparents we went to hang out with J's stepsisters Cassie and Chasity. They were so fun and we had an awesome time. I was so glad I got to meet them!
J and his nephew Joey.

Me, J, Cassie and Chasity

The next day we went to the Rockies game! We had great seats, great weather and had a total blast.

After the game we went to Dave and Busters, we found this photo machine called the Gene Machine, which took a picture of both of us and then combined our features to show us what our future child would look like. Maybe we should adopt....this is our little child who we lovingly named Weasel. 

Finally, on our last day we met up with my mom's very best friend, Sherri, for lunch and then took a trip up to the mountains and found a great little outlet mall where we did some shopping!

I'm going to take a little vacation from the blog world this everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday! Can't wait to hear about everyone's weekends on Monday.


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