Monday, July 12, 2010

NCAA July Madness

As I mentioned in a previous post, my dad runs a very competitive summer basketball program for high school aged boys. Each year we host two tournaments, one which was in April and the other which starts tomorrow.

The tournament starting tomorrow is a monster! We have 80 of the best teams in the country coming to compete and are expecting at least 100 Division 1 college coaches (girls--tell your man this, they'll be super impressed).

Because this July tournament is NCAA Certified (which basically gives it major street cred) we have a ton of hoops to jump through and a ton of rules to follow. One for example, we have to have a separate area and entrance for all the college coaches....because there is a no contact rule in place we need to be super careful that no college coaches are found talking to parents or players! Breaking this rule, or one of the million others could cause our tournament to be shut down! Yikes!

The preparation for the tournament is insane, there is so much to do which is why I have been a terrible blogger this past week and will continue to be until this tournament is done on Thursday night. Every second of my weekend that wasn't spent on Coffee Buzz was spent on helping my dad get ready for this event. It's going to be awesome and crazy and super exhausting. I did the math and between the tournament and Coffee Buzz I will be putting in 53 hours of work in the next 4 days. OH-EM-GEE. Needless to say my blog will be taking a little rest-a-roo since there isn't time to sleep let alone write.

I do have some fun to stuff to share with all of y'all when I return....that is if I don't end up looking like this
I hope everyone has a GREAT week. I'll catch ya on Friday! Peace out people.


Brittany said...

ahhh! Seems like you'll be a super busy girl! Try not to work too hard! :)) Get some rest, and can't wait til you're back and blogging!

Ju-Face said...

Please dont look like that, and "peace out people" hahahaha, silly girl

PS- where is da schoooooo????

Kerri said...

I left you something on my blog :)