Thursday, July 22, 2010

So We KNOW You Can Dance

It's a gloomy, rainy day in Minneapolis which makes it a terrible day to have to get out of bed but a great morning to enjoy a latte and blog.

How insane is SYTYCD this season? It's just nuts, these dancers are so insanely talented! Last night was another amazing show, so once again I'm going to break down my top 5 routines of the night!

Lauren & All-Star Twitch in a Nappy Tabs Hip Hop
 This routine was a super fun, high energy, classic Hip Hop. I was so impressed with Lauren, home girl can bust! And we all know how much I love Twitch and Nappy Tabs, so this was a match made in heaven for me!

Robert & All-Star Lauren in a Tyce Diorio Jazz
 This was my second favorite routine of the night! I LOVED it! First of all, Lauren and Robert are BEAUTIFUL to look at! Cripes! Second, they are both amazing dancers! I loved how Tyce just choreographed a straight up Jazz crazy concept, no crazy costumes, just Robert and Lauren seducing the crap out of each other and America. Ugh! It was so good!

Adechike & All-Star Comfort in a Nappy Tabs Lyrical Hip Hop
This was for sure my favorite routine of the night!!! J actually watched this one with me and when it ended he knew I'd be obsessed so he looked at me waiting for a response and all I could say was, "damn." He asked me if I was going to watch it over and over (which I usually do with my favorites) and I told him I couldn't, it was too intense. This routine was so much more than Hip Hop. There was so much emotion and the concept of a hurtful relationship coming to an end was very clearly shown. So good! I smell an Emmy nom for this one!

Lauren & Robert in a Dmitry Chaplin Samba
 This routine was HOT! I thought both dancers did an awesome job with this routine! I don't know much about Latin but I do know this routine was super fun to watch! Lauren was shakin' it!!!

Kent & All-Star Twitch in a Chuck Maldonodo Step
  This routine was the first Step routine to be performed on the show and I loved it. Originally, it was supposed to be Billy and Kent and I'm sorry Billy is hurt but I am so glad Twitch got to dance this with Kent. It would not have been the same with Billy. I did Step as part of a routine in college and it is so hard, so I really appreciate the difficulty and execution of this routine. The only thing I didn't like was the music. The fun part of Step is listening to the beat it makes on your body and I thought this routine lacked that due to the music. 

Bye, Bye Billy Bell
I'm picking Billy to go home this week. He is injured and has been in the bottom three the past few weeks. Billy is a phenomenal dancer but is lacking in his connection and personality while on stage. I'll be sad to see him go, but he is my least favorite of the remaining contestants. 

What was your favorite routine of the night? Who do you think is going home? Who do you think is winning it all?

Also, I have to admit to all of you my new obsession. Now, I don't have a baby nor do I want a baby (for a long time, at least) but that doesn't mean I don't love me some celebrity babies! If you're as celebrity-obsessed as I am you should check out this blog that is jam packed with all the latest baby bumps, crazy baby names and fashionable mini-celebs!  People's Moms & Babies



Katie said...

I think it will be Billy Bell too. And, I'm okay with that. I love love love AdeChike and Kent. It will probably be Kent and Lauren at the end.

Jammer said...

haha celebrities babies are the best!! I can't wait til they all start dating eachother haha.

Brittany said...

I haven't watched this show either, but when I do catch a minute or two (of any season) I am SOO impressed!

p.s. I am under no illusion.. I KNOW I can NOT dance!

Jen said...

Hey neighbor, I'm in MN too!! Love meeting fellow bloggers in the area. And great little blog ya have here :-)