Thursday, July 1, 2010

Something Borrowed, Somthing Blue and Dancing too

I recently realized that I am one of the very few women my age who had not read Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed and the sequel Something Blue.


I finally read them and LOVED them both! I flew through them, I couldn't put them down. No wonder everyone has read these!

Something Borrowed is a story is about a girl named Rachel who on the night of her thirtieth birthday sleeps with her best friend's fiance. The book then follows her struggles to define her relationship with Dex (the fiance) and Darcy (her best friend who is engaged to Dex). I don't want to give away too much in case you are like me and have not read which case you totally should!

Something Blue is the story of Darcy (Rachel's best friend who was engaged to Dex) after the cheating takes place. At first, I wasn't a fan because the first few chapters are just chapters from the first book rewritten from Darcy's prospective. Initially, I thought it was a cop-out but then I found myself getting more in to Darcy's character which I have to believe was Giffin's purpose.

I loved Giffin's style of writing. Both books were funny and smart. Super entertaining yet full of content. She explores all different kinds of relationships and shows the complexities that all relationships contain.I'm interested to read her other books to see how different or similar they are to these two. Have you read her other? Which one should I read first?

For more on these books check out Emily Giffin's website:

Have you read either or both of these books? What did you think?

Next up on my reading list is The Time Traveler's Wife.

Now, it's time for my weekly So You Think You Can Dance recap. I know you're excited.

First, I need to rant about SYTYCD for one second because I'm pissed.....J had a late softball game last night that I went causing me to get home at 10:30pm. I was going to wait until tonight to watch the show but this season is just TOO DAMN GOOD, I had to watch it, causing me to get less than ample sleep and be extremely sleepy this morning. Hehe!

On to the show....each contestant had the opportunity to dance in their own style, I decided to take notes during the solos because I'm a huge nerd I didn't want to forgot anything, so I'm just going to quote my solo notes in this absolutely scintillating review.

Contestant: Adechike
Routine: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Dave Scott
All-Star: Lauren

I loved this routine! It was so fun and flirty and FINALLY got to show off Adechike's personality. Plus, Lauren is amazing. I just love her. I made a note that this was the best hip hop routine of the season (little did I know what was coming later).
SOLO: "Strong but anticlimactic."

Contestant: Ashely
Routine: Contemporary
Choreographer: Dee Caspary
All-Star: Ade

I love Ashely, she's still my favorite girl. I liked this routine but wasn't overwhelmed by it. They both danced amazing and I agree that it was Ashley's best performance, I just wasn't moved beyond words.
SOLO: "Love her. Love this song. Don't love the solo."

Contestant: Robert
Routine: Jazz
Choreographer: Sonya
All-Star: Courtney

First of all, I have to comment on his pre-routine clip about his mom. His mother had three miscarriages and two other babies died in her arms and she had breast cancer! What an incredibly strong woman! It was so moving to see her watch Robert dance last night. I still love him, I loved this routine. It was so Sonya, dark and deranged, and Robert did a great job with it. I'm just afraid it didn't stand out and he may get lost in the crowd and be in trouble again. SOLO: "Started awesome, leveled off."

Contestant: Melinda
Routine: Salsa
Choreographer: Fabian Sanchez
All-Star: Pascha

Yuck! Another craptastic routine from Melinda. She definitely should not have shared that she is Colombian and her family salsas all the time because she did not have the moves to back that up. I watched 30 seconds and fast-forwarded the rest....she NEEDS to go! SOLO: "What is she wearing. Go home."

Contestant: Lauren
Routine: Broadway
Choreographer: Joey Dowling
All-Star: Neil

This was a really cute and fun routine and Lauren looked absolutely beautiful. I agree with the judges that there was something missing....chemistry maybe? And I totally agree with Mia's critique of Lauren that she is such a strong dancer that she loses some femininity. SOLO: "worst song choice ever, danced beautifully"

Contestant: Billy
Routine: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
All-Star: Kathryn

I liked this routine and thought it was really good but I didn't see any chemistry between Billy and Kathryn. It felt like there was no character, Billy was just dancing the steps.  SOLO: "loved it. quirkier than I would have expected."

Contestant: Jose
Routine: Samba
Choreographer: Dmitry
All-Star: Anya

Again, this wasn't a well danced routine but how can you not love Jose? He is infectious and so fun to watch whether he's doing well or not! I hope the audience agrees and keeps him out of the bottom 3 a little longer. *Side note: Anya is insane! I wish I could shake it like her. SOLO: "How can you spin around on your head that may times? Why would you pick this song?"

Contestant: Kent
Routine: Jazz
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
All-Star: Allison

Why does Kent keep getting this sexy, dominating male characters? Can't a choreographer throw him a bone and create something that shows off his amazingly fun and energetic personality instead of trying to "make him a man." That being said, I really liked this routine, it was fun! And I'm pretty confident Kent will be more than safe. SOLO: "Adorable. Amazing. Love him."

Contestant: Alex
Routine: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Nappy Tabs
All-Star: Twitch

The second I saw Alex pull Twitch's name I felt nervous, I thought for sure this boy was going to get beyond embarrassed....boy was I wrong! THIS ROUTINE WAS INSANE!!! I watched it three times and would have watched it more if it wasn't so late. I couldn't believe how amazing Alex did, plus Twitch is ridiculous and the choreography was sick. This is my all time favorite hip hop routine in the show's history!!! I want to watch it again right now. Sooooo good!!!! My biggest critism of Alex has been his personality and in this routine he really got to let loose. He's still not my favorite but her moved way up in my book! SOLO: "So strong and powerful, no emotion"

This isn't going to shock any of you but my pick to go home is Melinda.


Miss K said...

I just read those books last month too and absolutely loved them! i had been avoiding them because I thought they'd be super chick-lit, but they're now one of my faves.

I just read Baby Proof too and actually CRIED.....TWICE!! I definitely suggest it! I didn't think I could relate to the character bc she doesn't want children, but it was awesome to see the other side and I still found other ways to relate to her.

Island Gal said...

I so want to read them!

Mrs. Awesome said...

I have been meaning to read those! Can't wait!

JoJo said...

I just bought those books too! Heard great things about them.