Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Advice Needed: Kindle or Nook?

I've had my eye on a Kindle for a couple months now and was sold when one of our regular customers let me check out his. Then, Sunday, when J and I were at the mall we went into Barnes and Noble and I fell in love with the Nook. Now I've been researching the two trying to find out which is better and which one I want. Of course, there's a million features on both, but I'm only focusing on what the important features are for me. Here's what I've found.

KINDLE by Amazon.com

Display Size: 6" diagonal 
Size: 7.5" x 4.8" x 0.335"
Weight: 8.5 ounces
Storage: 3,500 books
Battery Life(Wireless Off): 1 month
Battery Life (Wireless On): 3 weeks
PRICE: $139.00

Other features:
-Never gets hot
-Download books in 60 seconds
-Worry free archive of downloaded books
-Electronic ink with no glare
-Adjustable text size
- Over 630,000 books
-Read first chapter for free

NOOK by Barnes & Noble

Display Size: 6" diagonal with 3.5" touch screen
Size: 7.7" x 4.9" x 0.5"
Weight: 11.6 ounces
Storage: 1,500 books
Battery Life(Wireless Off): 10 days
Battery Life (Wireless On): 10-15 hours
PRICE: $149.00

Other features:
-Over 1,000,000 ebooks
- Chess & Sudoku games
-Barnes & Noble in-store help
-Removable battery
- Adjustable text size
-Worry free archive of downloaded books
-Downloads books in seconds
- Electronic ink
-Custom screen savers, colorful back covers and designer cases

So far, I'm leaning towards the Nook and here's why. It's a little bigger than the Kindle, which I like, when things are too thin I worry I'll break them. I love that it has Sudoku because I am obsessed. I really, really like that I have the option of getting help from an actual face-to-face human in the Barnes & Noble staff. The Nook has a removable battery, so if something goes wrong you can replace it. The Kindle has a built in battery which makes me nervous....I lost an iPod due to this feature.On the other hand, the battery life on the Kindle is WAY better. I don't know that I'd ever need a battery to last longer than 10 days, but ya never know. They Kindle also has more storage space, again, I don't think I'll ever read 3,500 books let alone need to store all of them on the Kindle.

What about you? Do you have one? What do you have? What do you love/hate about it? If you don't have one, do you want one? Which one do you want? What have you heard? Help a sister out!!!


Brittany said...

I think there are perks to either. (I want one really bad!)

I talked to the lady at Barnes and Noble on Sunday and she was telling us about both.. since she owns both..

Turns out Kindle is not making any for the month because its trying to revamp and compete with the Nook..

SO at this point between the two I think the Nook is a better choice, but I think we should both wait to see what the new kindle is like! Shouldn't be much longer..

p.s. I still really love having a real book in my hands though!

Kelly said...

I don't have either and have never really researched them, so I'm probably not a good reliable source... however I looove that the Nook is touch screen! And soduko?? Um, yes please! Makes me think of my iPod Touch which I'm OBSESSED with. I'd go with the Nook... and plus it looks prettier ;-)

Miss K said...

Hmmmmm that's a tough one. I've thought about the Kindle before too, but I like reading a book old school style. Plus, I'm on a computer all day at work so I thought my eyes would need a break at home.

What's the difference between the features on the IPad vs Kindle/Nook. Is there one product that has everything you're looking for?

Tickled Pink said...

Im so glad you did this post! I've been meaning to research both- but you saved me the trouble... I want one too!! Let us know what you decide!! Thx

Anna Walker said...

That is such a hard decision...I feel like I just like regular books more :)


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