Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Friday

It happened again. I fell asleep. Only this time I was asleep before the show even started. I got in to bed around 7pm, turned on Lifetime to re-watch last week's episode and was out cold in about ten minutes. Apparently, P.R. needs to move to a night when I don't work 13 hours. I did, however, wake up a few times during the new episode and in an attempt to keep myself awake saw bits and pieces. I gathered that the 12 remaining designers were split in to two teams and had to create a cohesive 6 piece collection. I was also awake long enough to catch this....

And this....
I thought this show was about fashion......??? I am assuming the team with the cute clothes won because I was lucky enough to see the elimination where stupid face Gretchen went on a tangent in which she tap danced her away around admitting that every piece of clothing that her beloved team created was complete and utter CRAP! I was hoping I would then dream about drop kicking Gretchen in the such luck.

What did you guys think about last night's episode? Fill me in! I'm going to watch the whole thing later today but I saw just enough to know what let's have it. What are your thoughts?

Something I don't think any of you new blog friends know about me is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE award season! The Academy Awards are one of my favorite holidays, yes it's a holiday! I am obsessed with the Oscars! Sunday night the 2010 award season gets kicked off with the Emmy's and the countdown to the Oscars begins (184 days!) I thought in honor of the Emmy's I'd look back at some of the best fashion from the 2009 show!

Mindy Kaling from The Office looked gorgeous. This color is great against her skin and I love the detailing under the bust. It makes the dress unique and more interesting. It fits her great too! 

I don't necessarily love this dress, in fact I hate that flower, but I had to put this up. Sally Field always looks so gorgeous. She dresses for her age but isn't frumpy. She still looks sexy and classy and timeless without trying to look too young. I love her. 

Kristin Chenoweth looked amazing! I love how she did really simple hair and simple make up with a bit of drama around her eyes. This dress is blinged out and gorgeous so she didn't need to do a lot in the way of hair, make up and accessories. So gorgeous.

Selena Gomez looked stunning as usual. This dress was gorgeous and youthful but classy...not skank-a-licious like her friend Miley tends to look. I love the bodice detailing....very Grecian.

Can we tell that metallics were a trend last year? Sandra Oh always looks beautiful. This dress is stunning and fits her like a glove. It's very simple but still gets that "wow" factor. I love that she did simple soft curls and wore her hair down. So good. 

Holy baby bump Heidi! She always looks amazing and being like 30 months preggers clearly doesn't make a difference. This dress is gorgeous, classic and sexy....even with that enormous bump!

That's it for me dolls! Have a fabulous weekend! And make sure that if you're going to talk about all things Project Runway OR fashion in general to play along and grab that super cool Fashion Friday button!


KP said...

I have to say that if the goal was a cohesive collection, the uglier clothes succeeded. But, the cuter outfits were only tied together by everyone using lace and throwing on hardware.

While I liked the winning clothes better, there wasn't anything really keeping it together as a collection. I didn't see who got eliminated, because I got bored of Gretchen throwing everyone under the bus in front of her. :-)

Have a wonderful day!

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