Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion Friday!

Alright, so last night's challenge was to create a look for the Marie Claire woman to be featured on an enormous billboard in Times Square. Here's how it panned out....


AJ's design. It ended up pooching a little in front making her look in AJ's words like, "an impregnated alien." So the fit was perfect but I loved the design and thought the styling and hair were spot on.

Once again I'm totally loving the 80's prom throwback. I loved Michael's design. I thought it was really cute and fun and I love the necklace with it.


Really? I know Kristin's aesthetic is an "unfinished" look but this was AWFUL! If I tried to sew a dress it would look like this. It's just terrible, I cannot believe the judges let this one through. So bad.

Another awful design from Jason. This was bad all around. It was unfinished, the concept was weird, it's unflattering, the fabric choice is awful....there's just nothing nice I can say about this dress. Jason deserved to go home for this one.


 Once again, super annoying Gretchen has won the challenge. Just like her last look, I'm not loving it but I get why it won. I'm not a huge fan of the one piece pants jumper thing, but I know it's in style. I guess the judges are all about the ho hum this season.


Again, Jason got the boot for this mess of  a look.

The judges also decided to send Nicholas home, which I think was really unfair. Yes, his design did have some issues but compared to some of the other it wasn't that bad.....once you lost the cloak that it. I understand the bottom three but think poor little nervous quivering Nicholas should have stayed.

I have a personal Project Runway story that I want to share, Christopher Straub from Season 6 is from Minnesota and actually went to the same High School as me, only he's a few years older. I was a huge fan of his during the season and last winter I had the opportunity to meet him. My mom, sister and I went to a jewelery event downtown Minneapolis where Christopher made an appearance. We got to chat with him for a while which was awesome. He was so sweet and down-to-earth and hilarious. My sister asked him if her dress was too short and in a perfect Michael Kors impression he said, "It's vulgar, I can see your kitty." Here's me and Natalie with Christopher and as you can see he signed the picture.
Then, two weeks later for my birthday my mom surprised me with one of his Looky Lu wallets that I had been obsessing over at the jewelery show.
I have the silver one! It's bright blue on the inside and has a hidden wrist strap that you can pull out and use the wallet as a wristlet. I'm seriously obsessed. And my sweet little mama had him sign the wallet too, which is really cool! I get tons of compliments on it! Check out Christopher's website to buy some of his amazing stuff, like this petal purse I've been drooling over.
Alright gals and's your turn! Blog about anything Project Runway or fashion related, then grab my Fashion Friday button and then link up at the bottom of this post.


Brittany said...

AHHH how cool is it that you got to meet him! :) LOVE the picture!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

I really liked the red dress too... not sure how I feel about the talent on this season... hmm...

Vic said...

neat....very cool that you guys got to go see him:) i love the outfits:)