Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happily Ever After?

Well folks, another season of The Bachelorette has come to a happy ending. Although I have been routing for Chris since the first episode, there was no denying that Roberto and Ali were in love. I haven't been the nicest towards Ali this season, and I feel bad about that. I have MAD respect for her being honest with Chris and not putting him through the agony of a rose ceremony in which he would have been sent home. It broke my heart watching his face while she broke up with him, but his reaction made me love him even more. He was so sweet and you could really tell how much he cared about Ali. Then came his mom from heaven in the shape of a rainbow and I lost it, completely lost it.

I've been saying all along that I hope Chris loses and gets to be the next Bachelor, but I take that back. He seems so genuine and sweet and perfect. I don't want him to get caught up in the trash that is The Bachelor. I know he wants to find his soul mate and I think he'll have better luck doing that himself in the "real world." The Bachelor producers are notorious for scrounging up some serious skanks (that's what makes us love the show) but I don't want my darling Chris to deal with that. He's serious about finding true love and I don't think this is the format for him to do that in. I really hope he's NOT the next Bachelor. We've just come off a LONG string of rejects-becoming-Bachelor/ettes (DeAnna then Jason then Jillian then Jake then Ali), I think it's time we get some fresh blood! Let's give a random girl/guy the chance for love!

As for Roberto and Ali, I think this one might be the real deal. We all knew Ed and Jillian wouldn't last and we were all counting the seconds before the Jake and Vienna relationship blew up....but what about these two? I'm thinking these two will last! I sure hope they do. They're a beyond adorable couple and I really hope they make it.
There are also rumors that Ali and Roberto will be appearing on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. We all saw how that turned out for Jake....do you think they'll do it? I hope not. Give yourselves a chance to make it, don't whore yourselves out for fame like Jake did. I guess we'll soon find out, apparently the new DWTS cast will be revealed during one of the upcoming episodes of the new Bachelor Pad.

Speaking of Bachelor Pad....who's watching? All of the old drama queens that we loved to hate and a couple sweeties (Tenley & Kypton) are back to apparently compete for money. My guess is there's some kind of take love or money twist thrown in and I'm envisioning more drama than could possibly be imagined in a one hour show. And, one of my all time favorites, Melissa Rycroft, is hosting. Will you be tuning in?

Alright, I want to hear your thoughts! Do you think Ali and Roberto will last? Will they do DWTS? Will/Should Chris be the next Bachelor? Are you going to watch Bachelor Pad? Let's hear it!


Brittany said...

Okay this has nothing to do with this post.. but I just read another blog.. and she was talking about a wedding her friend is having.. The husband works at a coffee shop, so there whole wedding is "coffee" themed.. and it reminded me of you..

and there little saying was "(insert names) The perfect blend"

You may have heard of this before, but I just thought it was so perfect!

Aubrey S. said...

I have to say that I had to pull for Roberto the entire season since he's from South Carolina, but I felt so bad for Chris last night. I hope the happy couple stays happy; they are too cute.

KP said...

I didn't watch the whole season, but I did watch last night. It was really clear that Roberto and Ali were very much in love. While Chris did seem like a great guy, I think he was the expected/safe choice for her. Someone that she would have been happy with but not necessarily challenged by.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Definitely agree with this post, loved Chris and he's too good for the Bachelor! And I really hope Ali and Roberto make it - it seems like the have a pretty good shot!

...Definitely watching Bachelor Pad :)

CMae said...

Can't wait for the Bachelor Pad!!!!! My DVR is going to be full of Bachelor episodes LOL :) I'm so a fan of Tenley she's my fave!

Tickled Pink said...

I hope they make it... but looking at the other couple's history...doubtful! They look really cute together at least. I felt soooooo sad for Chris though... Like tears in my eyes. Poor thing!

And I cant wait for the Bachelor Pad!!