Friday, September 10, 2010

You Can Get with This or You Can Get with That

It's Friday morning and I'm tired. I stayed late and kept Coffee Buzz open late last night so that a local non-profit theater group could hold their auditions. Let's just say 15 hour shifts are annoying. Leave it at that. After I closed up shop I rushed over to our friend's Colin and Sharisse's for dinner and the Vikings game. Sharisse made the BEST cheese stuffed manicotti. I really wish I had some for breakfast, right now. Anyways, moral of the story is that between being extremely tired and fighting with my A.D.D. I couldn't think of anything that warranted a full blog post. But, no fear, I have about 80 million little thoughts going through my head which I will share with you now!

Who watched the NFL kick off last night? I did, of course, because Minnesota's beloved Vikings were playing, well, attempting to play. Yikes, what a gross game! But, the game is not what is upsetting's Taylor Swift from the pregame show. Anyone else see her? She looked like a clown. Let me start by saying I LOVE HER! She is beautiful and talented and a class act. I love her music and adore her. But last night, her make up was the worst thing I've ever seen! It was theater make up, which is fine if you're performing a non-televised concert.  Not OK when you're performing on live TV and they're zooming in on your face AND especially not OK if you're performing in the era of high definition television. Her lipstick looked like that super cheap little girl play lipstick that is so thick and so bright and takes like four days to wash girls know what I'm talking about? Then, her was like a figure skating costume! It was short and silver and glittery and had this mesh high neckline thing. Worst part? She was wearing it with black cowboy boots! OH man! As of 6:57am Central Time there are no NFL Pregame Taylor Swift photos on the internet, but I will diligently continue to serf the net and when I find one you bet your bottom dollar it will be posted.
Where was the beautiful little Taylor we all know and love?

Tomorrow is the Gopher's first home game! HOLLER! We're playing South Dakota where my Uncle Todd (my dad's brother) went to school, so my uncle is flying in from Colorado for the game! It's going to be a blast and I cannot wait to see my Goph's stomp all over SD right on the spot where my man asked me to be his wife! Good stuff! 
Unleash this girl:

The Gopher game is at 11am and my darling fiance had the brilliant idea that afterward we should host a college football party. There are a couple of great games on that afternoon/evening so it only makes sense that after waking up at 6am drinking and eating all morning and going to my game we come home and host a bunch of people. But, it's all good. I'm going to pre-make as much food as possible so that I can come home, set everything up and then take a nap because let's be honest....I'd rather sleep then watch random teams I don't care about. I'm going to attempt Chili. I've never made Chili before. My thought is that I'll make it tonight, throw it in the fridge then heat it in a crock pot tomorrow. Is that a good plan? Awful plan? Do any of you have good chili recipes you'd like to send my way??? 
I need all the help I can get. 

I don't drink enough water. It's boring. I mean, it tastes great when I'm really thirsty but until I'm really thirsty I just don't want to drink it. I need to I know, but it's hard. I'd rather have a diet mountain dew or a powerade zero or an iced soy chai tea latte with two pumps of sugar free vanilla. I know (aside from the powerade) that non of these things will hydrate me or really do me any good at all but they taste so much better than water. And 64oz a day seems like an awful lot. 
Do you have tips for drinking more water? 

Ya know that little New Years resolution I made? The one where I wanted to walk/run 500 miles in the year 2010? Well, it's not going so hot. We're now a third of the way through September and I've gone 252 I'm half way done. Whoops! I'm not giving up, I still think I can do and I sure am going to try. The days that I'll be able to walk the pooch outside are limited and then I'll be at the gym on the treadmill, which might actually be a good thing because I typically go at least 4 miles when I'm on the treadmill. So I did the math and there's 113 days left in 2010 and I have 248 miles left which means I need to go 2.19 miles a day or more realistically 15 miles a week. Doable, right?

Alright, that's all from me. I need to look up chili recipes and google Taylor Swift images. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Kristin I always make my chili in the crockpot! That way you can put it on when you leave for the gopher game (on low) and it will be done when you get home! Whoop, see you at the game sister! Alpha Love Janna :)

I always kind of make up my chili as a I go, but I think the key is using crushed tomatoes (one of those huge italian cans) makes the consistency of the chili creamy, I always add in some tomato paste as well to thicken things up.

***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

I love Taylor and I was just as surprised as you were by the terrible lipstick. Oh well, some makeup artist did her wrong...not Taylor! :)

You can definitely run/walk that much with only that much of the year left! Just make it a goal to get outside everyday and you'll be there in no time! :)

CMae said...

Try Lemon in your water....It's better than just plain water. the lemon speeds up your metabolism and helps with your digestion yadda yadda etc etc... lemons are cheap at the grocery store you just have to prompt yourself to cut one up with a glass of water to drink!

Kelly said...

Oh my. Taylor Swift got on my nerves last night. I like her and her music okay... however, her "dance moves" while singing are just SOOO irritating!! They're so contrived and rehearsed, it just looks sooo silly!! We REALLY enjoyed DMB though :-D Poor Vikes, what a sad, sad game!

I try to drink a ton of water each day... I just fill a big cup at the office and drink in big gulps rather than just sip. I try to break up my day by having 2 glasses by lunch and 2 more by the time I leave. It's a little easier to do for me though because I'm AT a desk... rather than running around like you probably are!

Happy Friday! Have a great time at the game tomorrow!

Jenny said...

Drinking water is boring to me 2! I live off sweet tea! I once had to drink 64oz in a 1 hour period for a medical test I had done... I about died! Seriously!

Momma Drees said...

Have you tried Crystal Light in your water - they make a bunch of different kinds/flavors. And now apparently have ones to help with your skin, metabolism, vitamin intake, etc.

I dispise plain water as well. I am totally a flavor person! When I used the Crystal Light, I notice that I can easily drink 64 oz in one day.

Have a great weekend!

KP said...

I've been using half a propel packet per bottle of water. It helps keep the water tasting like something. For some reason cold water tastes better so I keep 1L of water in the fridge and one that I drink, then rotate.

As for the chili, you could just throw all of your ingredients in the crock pot before you leave for the game and put it on low. It should be good to go by the time you get home!

Have a great time at the game tomorrow!!!

Marian said...

OK, so I didn't catch the pregame show...or I did, but was at a bar and not really paying attention. What did Taylor sing?

Have a lovely weekend!!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

15 hour shifts = :(

Vikings = :(

Taylor Swift's makeup = :(

1st Gopher Home Game = :)

Homemade Chili = :) :) :) :) :) :)

Drinking water = get a giant mug with a straw and chug. That's what I do.

Running/walking = ugh.

The BB

Barras' said...

I agree with the Taylor Swift thing!

Brittany said...

You are beyond adorable.

The vikings game was gross. So depressing!

I didnt'even catch taylor. I had to do a last minute run to walmart to pick up socks and white t-shirts for aidyn! OHH the exciting things you get to do for your kids :)

As for the gopher game.. have fun!!! :)))

Mateya said...

My chili is just a bunch of stuff thrown together but so easy... 2 cans chili beans, 2 cans tomato soup, one can pork n beans, one can stewed tomatoes, a squirt of ketchup, a squirt of mustard, and a sprinkle of brown sugar! Then we always top with shredded cheese and eat with Fritos yummy!

ModernMom said...

Okay so I adore your random post! Love a good random.
My tip for drinking more water. I put a little cranberry in it:)

ModernMom said...

PS Following now! Sorry it took me so long to get over here. Life keeps getting in the way of my blog. :)