Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wedding Website Week!

Since we got engaged over two months ago, I have been working on our wedding website. Most planning sites (like theknot, wedding wire, perfect wedding guide) offer a website template which most of the time is free. I played around with the different sites and tools and was completely underwhelmed. I have to admit I am definitely a Type A control freak and I think this is why I wasn't loving any of the pre-made websites. So, I decided to make my own. I have website building software from when I created the Coffee Buzz website, so I figured it wouldn't be too hard. It's been a labor of love, and has taken me forever to finish but it's finally done! As much as I would love to share a link for all of you to see the sitle, there's a lot of personal information on there and I'm just not going to share that much with the cyber-world. Sorry friends. Instead, I decided to create posts using the information on our website so you guys can get a glimpse of what is on it. The rest of this week I will be posting pages from the website. Let me know what you think!

I created this title for all of the pages: 

Then on the left side of the page there is a vertical navigation bar that has the following pages listed:

Welcome-The main page pretty much looks like this:
Welcome to our wedding website! We are recently engaged (as of September 2nd) and are now in the process of planning our wedding! We created this website as a fun, convenient, and special way for friends and family who are both near and far to participate and celebrate with us. We hope you'll use it to get to know us better and keep up-to-date on our future plans.

We are so grateful for all of the amazing people in our lives! Thank you to our friends and family for your love and support over the years.

Love, Kristin & Jason

Bride & Groom- I'll post this page later on this week.

Our Story- I'll share this with you tomorrow!

The Proposal- This page has the story of how we got engaged. I pretty much took it straight from the blog. If you haven't read this yet, here's the link CLICK HERE!

Wedding Party-I'll share this with you later this week!

Photos-This page has pictures of J and I throughout our relationship and will eventually have our engagement pictures as well. Here's a couple of my faves:
Wedding Events-I'll share this later on.

Accommodations- This page will eventually have all the information on the hotels.

Guest Book- This is just a little form people can use to say hello and leave us a note.

Registry-Once we register (can't wait!) all of our information will be listed on this page.

RSVP- This page will be used for our guests to RSVP, in an attempt to save some paper and some money we're going to have our guests respond online. WeddingWire has a great tool that allows guests to search for themselves, fill in their response and choose their meal. This will help with plus one confusion that always comes with RSVPs.

Blog- This opens a new page to the lovely blog you are currently reading.

Contact Us- This is just a form people can use to send us an e-mail with questions, comments or a note hello.

Check back tomorrow for a look at another page from our website!  


ty said...

That's so cute! I too was totally underwhelmed with The Knot, but wasn't sure what else to do!

Marian said...

I love the picture for your homepage. Adorable!!

KP said...

Love it! Congrats on building your own site. That's so much more personal than the form/insert-couple-here options!

Miss K said...

so cute! i can't wait to see the rest!

Jessica said...

Your header design looks great! I love seeing the photos of you guys, too cute. :D

JoJo said...

Sounds awesome! I'm impressed with your web building skills!

Domestically Deficient said...

Sounds like you're making great progress. I did a wedding website, too. Do you know you can make a personal map in Google and embed it into your site? You can actually have little icons with the location/address. A lot of my guests said it was really helpful.

And it's really not hard at all to make using google maps. If you want help, just let me know!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice! I had fun making our wedding website too. It's nice for guests to be able to visit your page throughout your engagement!

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