Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cooking with Kristin and Carolyn

Two Saturdays ago my BB and her fiance had me and my fiance over for dinner. Since Carolyn and I are both trying to slim down for our Fall 2011 weddings we decided to cook our own healthier-ish pizzas! We knew it would be an adventure since neither one of us is very experienced in the kitchen, but we knew it would be fun and hopefully delicious.

The first step was to crack a bottle (or two) of Skinny Girl margaritas! So good and totally helpful when it comes to making something you've never made.

So, we made three pizzas. I realize there were only four of us but half of us are 6'4 boys who eat like it's their last day on earth every day, so we needed to be prepared. Our first pizza was the easiest and therefore the guinea pig pizza (this was also the pizza that belonged entirely to the boys so if we messed it up.....we didn't care)

Pizza 1-Pepperoni & Green Olive
-Boboli Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
-Pizza sauce
-Mozzarella cheese
-Green Olives

Basically, you just through it all on there (add according to your taste, if you're not counting calories that is)
Then pop it in your preheated oven (450*) and cook it for 6-10 minutes. You want to make sure the cheese is melted but that the crust doesn't burn. Magically, we did that.
We tried a bite and it was delicious and the boys loved it!

Pizza 2-Buffalo Chicken
*Disclaimer: we used insane amounts of Frank's hot sauce (like half a bottle) I would not recommend this!
-Boboli Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
-Franks Hot Sauce
-Fat Free Ranch Dressing
-Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese
-2 boneless skinless chicken breasts

Starting by cooking the chicken breasts in a frying pan. Once cooked, cut in to pieces and coat with Franks Hot Sauce (like in that pan on your right)
-Then, spread FF Ranch on the pizza crust with a little Franks Hot Sauce. I repeat A LITTLE Franks.
-Throw your chicken on top of the sauces
-Cover it with cheese and thow it in the oven, 450* for 6-10 minutes. Again, melted cheese but no burnt crust. Again, we somehow did that.
-If you would like the top layer of skin on your tongue to completely be burnt off then add more Franks hot sauce to the top of the pizza
This pizza was amazing....a little to much hot sauce but amazing! We did a terrible job of measuring the ingredients so I have absolutely no idea how many calories are in this pizza. But, if you make it you can figure it out.

Pizza 3-Taco
-Boboli Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
-1lb ground turkey (extra lean)
-Packet of taco seasoning
-Taco Sauce (Ortega Medium is my fave)
-Onion (chopped)
-Black Olives (Sliced)
-Jalapenos (chopped)
-Reduced Fat Mexican Shredded cheese
-Franks Hot Sauce (noticing a trend?)

-Start by browning the ground turkey.
-Once that is complete add the taco seasoning according to the package.
-Next, spread taco sauce on pizza crust (we used 1/2 cup)
-Add taco seasoned ground turkey on top (you'll only use about half of it)
-Add chopped onions, jalapenos and black olives
-Sprinkle with cheese (I used 1/2 cup)
-Then drizzle with Franks
-Pop it in the oven for, you guessed it, 6-10 minutes on 450*
-Make sure that cheese is melted and that crust isn't burnt and you've got yourself an AMAZING taco pizza! Which is only about 250 calories per slice and believe me they're filling!

We did it! We made three masterful pizzas, the house is still standing and everyone has 10 fingers and two eyebrows, well technically I only have one but it's only because I need a wax, BAD.


steph c said...

They look SUPER tasty.. especially the taco one. Yum.

Samantha said...

Those pizzas look yummy (:

J and A said...

Yum! I need to find some of that Skinny girl Marg. Where did you get it? Maybe it's another 'not in Canada yet' thing. :(

Young and Fabulous said...

mmm I love boboli pizza and skinny girl margs! bethenny from real housewives always has amazing recipes on her site you should check it out!


Milaca Girl said...

I got 4 weddings to attend in 2011! I'm gonna look fwd to updates of cooking within Kristin and Carolyn! But how about title, "cooking with BB&Me"!? Catchy? Boboli makes a thin crust too, use all low cal ingredients, very tasty! Learned from a Deli, really. Enjoyed the blog today incl. 2 of my special girls.
(Hi J)

Miss K said...

that taco pizza looks amazing! good job ladies!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

Yum. Now I want pizza. But not the rip your tongue off hot buffalo chicken pizza. That may have been a fail. Who knew there was such a thing as too much Frank's. Huh. You learn something new every day! :)

Jessica said...

I'm glad you added the disclaimer about the hot sauce, I'm NOT a fan of spicy foods but with my luck, I wouldn't think anything of dumping the whole bottle! LOL!

The pizzas look deelish!

Leslie said...

Those pizzas look delicious! My mouth is watering now!

Cassie said...

Love skinny girl margs!

That pizza looks amazing!! Of course now I am starving for pizza!

Just found your blog, excited to follow!