Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Time to Bock and Roll

I have been anxiously awaiting this weekend for quite some time and it didn't disappoint. It did, however, start out a little rocky. I woke up and came to work on Friday morning only to start throwing up. After puking for the third time I decided there was no way I was going to be able to work, and thankfully my amazing fiance was sweet enough to come and work a full day so that I could lay in bed and puke all day.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling much better (still trying to decide if I had food poisoning or a 24 hour flu that's going around) and had to get myself ready for Pre-Marital counseling. Our church requires us to take a 6 hour class to ensure that we're ready to take this big leap. I was a little worried because it was a class with other couples (could get awkward) and it was in a church (could get too churchey...we're religious and have faith but didn't want to sit through 6 hours of preaching). First of all, the class was great. It was super interesting. The lady who taught the class has been a therapist for 30 years and was able to use real life examples from couples she has helped, which made the class way more interesting. Instead of just lecturing about what to do and what not to do, she used examples and told stories which made it way more relate-able. As for the other couples, we didn't really have to talk to them. Bascially, Karen would present us with information and then give us a couple minutes to talk it over with our soon-to-be spouse. I left feeling really good about our relationship. I really feel like we're on the right track, we pretty much do everything she presented to us. And, though, I know we're not a perfect model couple I believe that what we're doing is working and this class confirmed that.

After our class we headed home to meet our friends and make the trek up to Bock, MN. Now, I've talked about Bock before, but unless you have been there it's really hard to grasp just exactly how amazing this little town is. It's a town of 106 people in Northern Minnesota. The town consists of a gas station, two bars and a strip club....that's it. Bock lives up to every small town stereotype and then some. A friend of J's parents (and ours) has just been elected Mayor of Bock and was throwing himself an inauguration party at our favorite bar, Roy's Place. When I say he was just elected Mayor I feel like I should explain that he ran unopposed and received 57 of the 57 votes.....quite a feat! Thanks to Roy's Place, my future in-laws, some great friends and Dennis the Mayor of Bock we had an INCREDIBLE TIME!

Me and Dennis (the Mayor) and yes...he is wearing a cape and I crown! What Mayor doesn't?

We love Bock!

J's best friend, Colin, bought pickled gizzards which are without a doubt the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life. I almost puked watching everyone eat them.


My pal, Robyn, singing Hey Jude with the band.

We came back home (all in pretty rough shape) and I had just enough time to take a 55 minute nap before I met my mom at Nordstrom to purchase my WEDDING SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the most money I have ever spent on something (besides rent) and I could not be more excited! Unfortunately, my babies are on a plane, train or bus from Chicago so I can't share them with you until they make it safely in to my possession (this is going to be the longest 5-8 business days EVER). After shopping we went to celebrate with a martini and then met my step-sisters for dinner. But, I have to admit the best part of the night was getting a text from J after I bought my shoes that said, "Congrats baby!!!" Even though he thinks I'm crazy for spending that much on shoes, he gets it. He knew I was excited and the fact that he acknowledged that made me love him even more.

I came home with every intention of watching the Golden Globes ( you all know how much I LOVE award season) but I was exhausted. So I am avoiding all Golden Globe related blogs and news today so that I can watch it today when I get better believe you'll be getting a full recap tomorrow!


Kate said...

My husband had to do the pre-marital stuff with our church too. I remember being nervous, but we both really ended up enjoying it!

love jenny xoxo said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, minus the puking! Glad you felt better quickly!

We did our pre-martial stuff one on one with the pastor, that might have been more awkward :)

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

So glad the pre-marital stuff went well! :)

Wish I could have been in Bock!!

SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see your shoes! :)

Caroline said...

Gizzards gross me out too! I can't wait to see your wedding shoes. :)

Jessica said...

So excited you got your shoes! Can't wait to see them. Hope your feeling better after being sick this weekend. :(

Fan said...

It sounds like a good wknd and I had a good wknd too. I think you had sinus/flu but please watch for 3 days. Thank you and your fianace' PLUS your amazing friends (Mayor's friend Travis) for a fun time and we miss Jake and Caroline. I am passing on the blog info to the Mayor.

Kelly said...

YUCK!! Sorry you got sick :-( Looks like you had a fun time in Bock-- a gas station and a strip club, priorities right? ;-) LOVE that J is excited that YOU'RE excited about your shoes, too cute :-)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love that you are doing pre marital counseling! I think it will benefit you both so much! My fiance and I took a 13 week course at the beginning of our engagement and really loved it. We bonded with the 3 other couples and mentors, and had such a great time going every Sunday morning learning important things about our relationship and what to expect when we're married. I think every engaged couple should go!

The rest of your weekend sounded nice, other than being sick! Hope you're feeling better now. That's great news you bought your shoes! Yeyy!