Friday, January 7, 2011

My Wedding Bible

When we first got engaged I spent a good 45 minutes in the Wedding section of Barnes & Noble looking for the perfect wedding planner. Now, I won't claim that my "The Bride's Essential Wedding Planner" is perfect, but I will say that I am in love with it.
Please excuse the poor bed and cell phone aren't exactly ideal materials for a photoshoot

As I've mentioned several times, I am a super type-A personality and control freak, so combining the contents of this planner and my own little extras this book has become my wedding bible, the mack daddy of wedding planning organization. The book comes with tabs separating the book in to sections for each aspect of the wedding, ie. Ceremony, Reception, Music, Photography, Dress & Apparel, etc. I have been keeping all of our contracts in the appropriate section and it's been a huge help in keeping everything in tact, organized and in one place. I took it up a notch and added a couple of tabs of my for the wedding party (to keep contact info, BM dress info, tuxedo info, etc), one for our guest list (here I'll keep a hard copy of our guest list) and a few others. There is also that nice big pocket in the back where I'm storing the outline of our budget (thanks to and the checkbook from out joint wedding account.

The very beginning of the book has space to keep business cards. I've added all the cards from our vendors, which will be so helpful in case of an emergency the day of the wedding.

I think the thing I love most about this book is the checklists! I am a checklist spaz and this book is FULL of them. In each section there is a special checklist for that aspect of the wedding. It's great because it list all the little details that most "big" wedding checklists don't.

And because I truly am a checklist spaz, I printed and added my beloved weddingwire checklist to the beginning of the book.

Finally, there's a great appendix in the back complete with a honeymoon packing list, a list of "must have" photos for the photographer and a calendar! I've been keeping all of our wedding appointments in this calendar which has helped prevent these events get jumbled in with the rest of our crazy life.

Oh and I can't forget to show you the front inside cover:

The only thing I will say about this book is it's a little outdated and a lot of the information is kind of pointless. I ripped out the pages I didn't need, and like I said added tabs for additional information I wanted to keep track of. But overall, this bad boy has been a Godsend so far. If you are recently engaged and are looking for a great way to keep organized get this book and PLEASE go to it's seriously the best website ever!


Frances said...

I JUST posted about how I was in the market for one of these guys!- Soo heading to B & N this weekend to pick it up!

Samantha said...

Wedding planners are so pricy for what they forget to put in them! I stood in Books a Million forever trying to pick mine out. Hopefully I found the perfect one :)



Ms. BWIT said...

Awesome! It looks great! Write as many details down as you can - it's so much fun to look at after the fact. Doing great with the planning!!

Ashley said...

i love that you are so organized! can't wait to see more wedding progress. happy wedding year!

KP said...

I LOVE that you're list obsessed. I am too!

Unrelated comment, but if you didn't know, is based out of Minneapolis and sometimes offers little local deals etc. :-)

Young and Fabulous said...

love that section in barnes and noble! :) though im not engaged (yet) it's fun to look!

you're so organized! that's amazing!! lists are the best

wedding wire is fun to poke is TheKnot! and maybe soon enough you and your hubby will be looking at!! ;)


Kristin - Mrs. Glasses said...

Awesome tool! So very organized, I love it! We just put loose pieces of paper with ideas, contracts, seating plans, all in a binder :(

Jessica said...

Your so organized! I did the same when I was planning and had to rip out some pages and replace some stuff of my own. :)

Juliana said...

Hey darling! I had that same planner and I LOVED it. I am all about being super organized and it worked great for me. It feels so good to be back in the blog world again. I have missed everyone so much.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

I had no idea they made such handy planners for weddings!! What a great concept.. I will have to remember that! And I love how organized you are!

Miss K said...

Very cool! I just made my own with a 3-ring binder and separators. it's worked so far, but I do need to make some updates to it!

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