Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses!

Next up on my to-do list is to figure out Bridesmaid dresses. From working in the bridal business part time I have learned that late summer/early fall are the busiest wedding months, which means 6-8 months prior to that are the busiest wedding ordering months. This means the majority of the brides getting married in 2011 are looking for their wedding and bridesmaid dresses RIGHT now, which means the designers get backed up and things can take longer to come in. So, I am working with my lovely ladies to get a date nailed down in late February or early March to go dress shopping.

A lot of people will say, "whatever you do don't take your bridesmaids shopping with you." We've all heard the horror stories of bridesmaids fighting with each other and the bride over dresses. I'm sure everyone who has been in this scenario has said, "this won't happen to me." But I truly believe it won't. First of all, I have already sent my girls ideas of what I want, so they know what to expect and second I want my girls to look good and feel good. If I were to pick some dress without seeing it on them and they didn't look good, they wouldn't feel good and then they won't look confident and excited on my wedding day.....and I want them to! As much as I want my girls to wear their dresses again (like all brides do) I realize no matter how much they love the dress they might not ever wear it again, and I'm ok with that. All I care about is that they have a dress that fits, that is in style, that they are confident in and of course is black. And I trust that my friends are mature enough to go shopping together and find a dress without drama.

Initially, I thought I wanted short dresses because they're typically waaaaay cuter than long dresses. I have since changed my mind. I'm getting married in November in Minnesota, it's most likely going to be cold and I don't want my girls to freeze. Similarly, I want the dresses to be season apporpriate. While short dresses can be worn all year round that's not always true for certain styles. I feel like a nice long black dress will be great for the season. I also want to add a level of formality. This is going to be a formal wedding and I think with the look I'm going for and the style of my dress, long dresses will be more fitting and more formal.

With all that said, a lot of long dresses suck. They can look like prom dresses and be super unflattering. So although I've decided on a long dress, it has to be the right long dress.

To start, I was browsing the internet for any sources of inspiration. Here's what I found:

More recently I have been perusing designer websites to find possibilities for the girls. We are obviously getting the dresses from Mary Kay's Bridal because I work there, I love them and they have a great selection! They carry Alfred Angelo, Belsoie and B2 by Jasmine Bridal and Impression Bridesmaid dresses. Here are a few of the least for now. Obviously, they'll be black.

I really love chiffon dresses because they will be flattering on all body types. I love the neckline on this dress.

I LOVE this dress. I think the cut would be very flattering on everyone, and it's formal but still in style. I love the cross cross ruching on the bodice.

This is a brand new dress from Alfred Angelo and I really like it, though it's probably my least favorite of the ones I'm showing you. I love the chunky necklace though!

When we went shopping for my dress my Maid of Honor, Libby actually tried this dress on and I loved it. I think the pockets add some fun and some style, yet, it's still a classic and elegant dress.

I hate the color of this dress but think it could be really pretty in black. It has the ruched bust and then rhinestone beading under it. It's way prettier in person, which worries me because my pictures last forever.

As of right now this is my favorite possible dress. I think it will be super flattering on everyone. It's classy, elegant and fun. I love the chiffon with the satin waist and straps. It's simple but we could dress it up with some great jewelery.

Once we find a dress for the bridesmaids I will have to decide whether or not to put our two Junior Bridesmaids in the same dresses or different. I know I don't want them in strapless because I want it to be age appropriate. If the older girls decide on a strapless dress we could always add straps for the juniors or just chose an entirely different dress. But, we'll just have to wait and see on that one.

I change my mind constantly on the dresses I like, so I can wait to get the girls in there and actually see them in the dresses!

What do you guys think? Any words of wisdom from past and present brides and/or bridesmaids?!


Christina said...

I love the last dress!! It's beautiful and seems like it would be a good fit on most shapes!

I took my bridesmaids shopping with me and they tried on all the styles I had found that I liked and gave me their honest opinion. They all decided on the dresses together and they all look really good in them! I didn't have any problems with them going and I can't even imagine that happening! I'm sure you're shopping time with the ladies will be great!

Katie said...

I'm flooding your comment box lately!!! haha but the 2nd dress is what my bridesmaids wore! That is if it's Jasmine looks very very similar. If I'm going to be brutally honest, GO WITH THE LAST ONE! your favorite :) The neckline will look good on everyone. OR..another option would be to have 4 (or 3, whatever ratio works best) of your bridesmaids in this dress, and the others in the strapless chiffon cross cross one. Some girls look better in strapless than others and it's fun to mix it up!

Miss K said...

I went shopping with 5 of my 8 BMs and didn't have any problems. My BMs range from 5'2" to 6" and sizes 2-16 so i wanted a range of them with me when i picked a dress for them. The dresses they're wearing are short versions of the 4th coral/orangey dress.

My faves of the dresses you have picked out already is dresses 2 (blue) and 4 (coral/orange) both dresses are beautiful and look like they'd flatter any shape. The 2nd one if my fave of both.

good luck!

Miranda Kaye said...

I have always liked the idea of the bridesmaids wearing dresses that they feel they look good in. Keep with the same colors obviously but like in the picture up there, have them in different dresses so it's not so uniform. That way they can be individuals and still look like they're part of the wedding party.

ajs {of MN} said...

based on having BMs of my own and the experience of finding a dress. What I did was found a dress that I loved and that was the end of it- I have too much of a one track mind. ehhhhhhhh wrong way of doing things- my best advise is to take each BM dress shopping- doesn't have to all be together or need to make a full day of it UNLESS you are able to have everyone make it work and find a style that looks GREAT on them and that will compliment your wedding and the wedding day feel. Looking back, I LOVE the idea of mixed up styles much like the photo you have with all the BMs in black- each dress having a different neck line. Again, TOTALLY only my own opinion based on my own experiences ;)

Samantha said...

Im having all of my bridesmaid go dress "looking" with me this Saturday. I am picking out exactly which one I want on them so they can go buy them in the next few months. I also wanted short dresses in the beginging but then realized its in Oct and it will be more formal. But goodluck dress shoppping! I can't wait to see what you picked out! :)



Nicole-Lynn said...

LOVE that blue dress! So pretty! Your girls are going to look so elegant in all black. Love it! Enjoy your time shopping with them! I had a great time going with my girls! :)

brae&joey said...

I love that blue dress too and the ones with the pockets!!

And I took 2 of my girls shopping with me, my biggest girl and my smallest girl! That way, I knew what the dress would look like on both of them! It took a few different tries but I finally found one that looked great one both of them. I then got the rest of the girls to try it on and they ALL loved it! So, taking them shopping isn't a bad idea, I had a blast with my girls! Have FUN!! (:

Marian said...

Oh, I love the last one. Its my favorite as well. ANd its going to look gorgeous in black. I took some of my bridesmaids with me...and what ended up happening at one of the stores we visited is that half liked one dress and the other half liked another dress. Luckily, I didn't choose either and ended up going with a different line (Lula Kate) in which each bridesmaid could pick their own style and I just picked the color. Ha, took the easy way out:)

Mimi said...

i love the short black dresses and the teal one! :D

<3, Mimi

Lindsay said...

I got married this past July and I went shopping with all of my bridesmaids for dresses. However, I had my girls wear the same color but everyone was in a different style. I went with my maid of honor 1st so she could pick from all of the styles and have 1st choice, and then I did a second trip with the rest of the girls.

I was not expecting drama on any of the shopping trips, and thankfully there wasn't any. However, I was surprised at how eager each of my girls was to please me :) They tried on tons and tons of things and all of them wanted to hear which dress I liked best on them. It was a really fun time, and I hope you have a great time with your bridesmaids too!

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