Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm On Strike!

I am not a fan of professional football (college is where it's at) but every year, with the rest of America, I watch the Super Bowl.

I am from Minnesota, which means I HATE (I repeat HATE) ALL Wisconsin sports teams. Because I bleed Maroon and Gold most of my hatred is directed towards the Wisconsin Badgers, but the Green Bay Packers are a close second.

Let me start by saying I have a lot of friends who are from Wisconsin and who are Packer fans (so if any of you are reading this I am only partially talking about you.)

Packer fans annoy the crap out of me. If Wisconsin is sooooo great WHY DO YOU ALL MOVE TO MINNESOTA?! I am all for supporting your team and cheering no matter what (heck, I'm a Gopher fan....we never win anything) BUT being rude, annoying and ignorant is a whole different ball game (like that pun?)

To make a lifelong story of irritation short....I am boycotting facebook. So many of my facebook "friends" are Packer fans and so many of them have been so painfully annoying over the past two weeks that I could not bear to witness how annoying they are now going to be since the Packers won the Super Bowl.

So, I am doing something I never thought I could do. I am NOT logging in to facebook for a full week (starting Sunday night immediately following the finish of the game). I just can't handle reading the Aaron Rogers worshiping statuses or seeing the Green and Yellow helmets as profile pictures. I am hoping that one week will allow the cheeseheads to calm their butts and go back to posting about normal things.....like how much beer they can drink or how awesome Madison is even though they all live in Minneapolis.

Not that any of you, or anyone for the matter, will be effected by my absence from facebook...I just figured I'd share because 1. I am just that annoyed and 2. It's going to be hard!


steph c said...

I totally get it. I lived in Philly for a while, and being a Mets fan in that city? You'll get yelled at and smack talked pretty much everyday. It got SO annoying. I was so, so, soooo happy that I wasn't living there when the Phillies won the World Series - just reading everyone's stats on FB had me in a fit. It wasn't just that they were proud of their team.. who wouldn't be.. but they would unnecessarily rub it. Enough already, you know??

Jessica said...

Haha! You go girl! I'm like that with college football. My friends are HUGE fans of my rival team and whenever their team loses, they cry like babies and get upset if I bring it up. But when THEIR team wins?! OMG, I want to punch them in the face.

I totally get what your saying! STRIKE! ;)

Christina said...

I'm with you...college football is where it's at!

What gets me more than anything is the bandwagon fans! Really?! It is annoying, I can't tell you how many people's status updates I've pushed the hide button on, just so I don't have to read their updates!

Stephanie said...

Ha! Nice!

And yes...it's all about college football.

Miranda Kaye said...

I'm not a fan of the NFL but Aaron Rodgers IS hot. I'll give him that!

Katie said...

Love college football more, too! I despise the Steelers so I've actually enjoyed all the insults at their expense haha

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...


MIL said...

Hey the best team won, too bad the Vikings don't compare, we get to feel the embarrassment of Brett's infidelity. But your point of WI to MN transitions, is... they live in WI and work in MN! No state taxes in WI, unlike MN and MN pays more per hr., monthly, yearly for the majority of different jobs/careers. Love you and J AND Bailey Mae!

CMae said...

I didn't cheer for either team I'm from Chicago and so when Green bay beat us to get their bid into the superbowl...and I went to school in ohio which thus makes me as most ohioans do the Steelers blECH!!!

I had planned on giving up facebook for a few months...I only lasted 2 days...It was way more than hard for me not to log in!