Friday, February 11, 2011

Seriously, Cannot Wait

I have expressed my love for Britney Jean Spears on this blog more than once, but seriously I cannot frickin' wait for her new album! Words cannot express how happy I am that she is slowly coming out of her crazy phase and making new music....and not forced music like the Circus album (even though I LOVED it).

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her new single Hold It Against Me and CANNOT wait for the new video to premier on the 17th!!!! She is once again working with Brian Friedman (LOVE) who choreographed the Toxic, I'm a Slave 4 U and Boys videos as well as her entire Dream Within A Dream Tour (anyone else see that show? Still to this date the best concert I've ever been to!) And, in case you haven't heard the video is premiering on MTV and Vevo on FEB 17th at 9:56pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has been leaking super short teasers every day on her website and seriously......I can't take the anticipation.

Here's the teaser from yesterday!

Check out if you are as spastic about this upcoming video as I am!

Perez Hilton posted on Wednesday that Brit's new album Femme Fatale which was supposed to be released on March 15th has been pushed back to March 29th. It breaks my heart a little, but what's two more weeks? Right?

Am I alone on this or is anyone peeing themselves with excitement?! Do you have February 17th and March 29th in BOLD on your calendar like me?

Have a great weekend everybody!


Kate said...

I love me some Britney and I am loving this song too! I wish she didn't look like such a train wreck in real life, but she's gorg in this video and on the cover of her album!

ty said...

YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. I love that girl.

Jessica said...

Love me some Britney Spears! Pre-shaved-head Britney, so I'm so glad she's coming around. Haha

Bre said...

OMG me toooooooo!!!! Can't wait!

Tickled Pink said...

Sooo with you! Love her!

Sara said...

i love me some Brittney...she IS my workout mix. I have been under a rock though, didn't know about her new album. Thanks for the update!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love her music! I might buy the cd but I'm excited for it to come out!

Saying I do said...

I love her too!! It's great!
Hey: I'm putting together a post of all blogging brides and their upcoming wedding date. If you are ok with being included in my list, could you leave me a comment with your wedding date? thanks!

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