Monday, February 21, 2011

Someone's Got A Case of the Mondays

Remember on Thursday when I wrote about how wonderful the weather was in Minneapolis? We went from -20 degree weather to the high 40s in a weeks time, well now we're back to full-fledged crappy winter. It snowed 15 inches yesterday. So all the snow that melted is now back with a vengeance.

My day started getting stuck in our neighborhood because the stupid city of Bloomington was picking their butts all night and didn't plow the side streets. Let me just say that at 5:35am on a frickin' Monday the last thing you want is for your car to be stuck in over a foot of snow. After about 2 minutes of being stuck and a curse-word filled phone call to my fiance God decided to take pity on me and sent a tow truck to me. This angel in a bright yellow vest pulled me out of the snow, checked under my car for damage and then sent me safely on my way.

After a 35 minute commute of going 35 miles per hour I arrived at Coffee Buzz already 5 minutes past opening. We are located next door to a dialysis center and lucky for me an incredibly old man and his wife (who both had walkers) were stuck outside and one of the nurses was shoveling a path for them. Now, I am sympathetic to the old people with walkers BUT I own a business, a business that opens at 6:00am, when it is 6:05am and I am not at work you better just get out of my way. Neither the old people nor the nurse even noticed (or they noticed and didn't care) that I was standing behind them not so patiently waiting for them to get a move on. I kid you not I stood there for 3 minutes (I looked at my phone), it felt like 45 minutes. And, no, there was no way to get around them...unless I wanted to be knee deep in snow. Finally, I start laughing and ask...."is there any way I can just get by you?" It was seriously a joke. At 6:10am I was finally in Coffee Buzz and extremely cranky.

My crankiness has only multiplied as we have had a total of 4 customers (terrible) and 3 of them have been rude and one of them tried to sell me something. Awesome.

So here I sit, staring out the window, angrily writing this blog post and realizing how pathetic and whiny I am being. But, I don't care. It's Monday, it's snowing, I'm cranky and that's just how it's going to be.

Have a wonderful day :)


Ashley said...

aw girl!! I'm sorry to hear your day started so poorly. I hope things get better for ya today -- stay warm hun!

JAJ said...

I don't feel your pain with snow and such living in Texas and all, but I do feel your pain as a business owner. We own a Rita's Italian Ice and Custard and we have had plenty of days\nights this Winter where we only have 3-8 people come into the store. It's so depressing and makes me angry, but I know we have to go through this rocky road to get to smooth path of pure success! Hang in there!

Jessica said...

Dude, I'm glad I'm not the only cranky one today. I'm totally down in the dumps today.

Sorry you got more snow. I would've been just as peeved with those old people as you were, I'm mean though. ;)

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

I hate this day. LOL

MIL2K said...

Oh! You're funny with your temperment, you remind me of somebody, (another sagg sign) but I thank God you're allright! AND just know you are not alone in this miserable winter saga! I love you, my special son, and my sweet grandpuppy!

Miss K said...

those days are the worst! i hope your day and week get better!

love jenny xoxo said...

This weather does suck... I was ready to put away my winter clothes.

I have today off because it's president's day so I'm glad I didn't commute, but I feel like I'm stuck at home now.

Spring is around the corner, right?


Bre said...

Ha, love that pic at the bottom. Do you serve that in your shop? Hope your day gets brighter!

megan said...

Hope your day gets better, girl! :)