Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Tuxedos

So apparently picking out tuxes is the easiest thing ever! I figured it would take J and I a while to look through everything and agree on a style for our guys. I was wrong. We went to Mary Kay's Bridal (obviously) and met with John who is the the tuxedo pro there. Mary Kay's does all of their tuxedo rental through a company called Tip Top Tux, so we started by looking through their book. I had looked through the book before and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but I wanted to make sure J had a say and was happy and excited about what we were going to pick out. Lucky for me J loves the tuxedo that I am obsessed with, so after about two minutes we had that figured out. Add on another two minutes picking the vests and shoes and we were done. Honestly, the thing that took the longest was writing the names of all the guys in the wedding party. It was so easy and so painless. Once the crazy prom season is over Mary Kay's will get in a couple of groom's samples so we can make sure we like the tuxedo and vest combinations and then we're done!

We decided to do this amazing pinstriped tuxedo for the groom and groomsmen

It's kind of hard to see the pinstripes bu how hot will that be?!?! LOVE IT!

Then for the ushers and the dad's we went with the same tuxedo only in all black

We're going to white tuxedo shirts and J will have a white vest and a white bow tie. The groomsmen, dads and ushers will all have black vests and black bow ties!

And finally, we're putting all the boys in these standard black shoes

But, my groom will be wearing these!

Ahhhh! He is going to look SO good! I seriously cannot wait! The black and white pinstripes with the black and white vests, it's going to tie everything together so well! I love how this colorless theme is coming together! I just hope it all ends up looking as good on the big day as it is looking in my head.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw so nice! Your guys are going to look great! Love your choices!

MIL2K said...

Hello K, MIL here, love the look, it will be very classy and vogue! What are your plans for the moms in your group? Call me or show me and your bloggers your ideas. Love you and still digging out of the snow with the horses in Milaca! Bock N Roll!!

Ashley said...

that was one of the easiest decisions we made =) I let the Husband make all the decisions on the tuxes -- all the guys looked great =) good thing your J has taste =)

Miss K said...

All the guys, esp J will look great! Great choices!

Matt and I are going with great tuxes and the place only offers one gray one so it was the easiest choice so far! LOL

Ali said...

LOVE pin stripe suits.

And holy holy does the guy in the picture come with the suit? DANG.

Maria said...

I love the men who always wear Tuxedos because he look more gentlemen and presentable.