Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Party Party

On Saturday J and I hosted a party for our wedding party. We really want our wedding to be as fun as it possibly can be, and our wedding party plays a huge part in making that happen. These people are our best friends and if they have to walk down the aisle together, they could at least know each other. I figure, the better these people know each other, the more fun they will have. We rented out the party room in our townhouse's community and it worked perfectly! I made a bunch of appetizers, everyone brought their own beverages and we had March Madness proudly displayed on the TV. I was absolutely shocked and beyond thrilled that almost our entire wedding party was able to attend. The only person we were missing was my little sister (and Junior Bridesmaid), Kara, because she had a dance competition. Other than that all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, personal attendant and second Junior BM were in attendance.

I had so much fun! Everyone got along great and were really making an effort to get to know each other!

Me with my brother and sister! :)

The Bride, Groom, Best Man and Maid of Honor!

The (almost) F_____ Ladies! Me, J's step-mom, sisters and of course Bailey!

My BB, Sissy and I showing off our super tall hooker heels

I got to have all of my girls together for the first time!

they may be gorgeous, but they're fun too....

It was quite a production getting the entire wedding party together to pose for a picture, but it was good practice.

and a crazy one, kinda....

My favorite picture and favorite part of the night...after our group pic friend/groomsman Jeff gave a quick toast to me and J and our amazing wedding party! Then we all put our hands in and shouted "1,2,3 Shit Show!" (Embrace the Shit Show is the theme of our wedding......because with our family and our friends we just have to embrace that it will be a shit show no matter how hard we try.)

Just love this! J and I look so happy surrounded by our favorite people! :)

And like all good parties, our party ended with some Tooters!


Ashley said...

looks like lots of fun!! great job being able to get all your wedding party together =)

Katie said...

haha I love the embrace the shitshow! That sounds like our wedding party. It was definitely that! Sounds like so much fun!

Maura said...

i love the "embrace the shitshow!"

Kasey Lynne said...

Glad you had a good time!!!

Miss K said...

so much fun! that is such a great idea!

Carolyn said...

Kris - the party was amazing. You're amazing. The wedding will be amazing. We're almost there! :)

steph c said...

So great that you were able to get everyone together!! Looks like a great group :)

Jenna E said...

aw your so lucky you get to be with pretty much your whole wedding party. That won't be possible for me until the day of the wedding as we are all over the place. Glad you had fun :)

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Saying I do said...

this looks like it was so much fun!

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