Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Hair & Make Up

Last week I told you all about the Smart & Chic Beauty Lounge where me and my girls will be getting ready on my wedding day. It was such a huge relief to figure out where we're going and who will be doing my hair and make up.

Now, comes the hard part! What do I want to do with my hair and makeup? I know for sure I don't want an updo. I'm just not an updo person, although I have found some amazing styles that made me rethink this, I know I'm just not going to feel as beautiful as I can with all of my hair up. So, I've been searching wedding websites and beloved google looking for ideas of what I want to do. I kind of thought I could google "half up wedding hair" and magically my perfect style would appear. I was wrong. There are a TON of fabulous styles that pop up but I was able to find something wrong with all of them. So, now I've narrowed it down to a few (like 5) styles that I am hoping to take different elements from.....

Jessica's iconic wedding hair was my first source of inspiration. I LOVE the back but am not a fan of the front. I don't do well with strands of hair hanging in my face.

This bride from Project Wedding has great hair. I love the smaller poof up top but I think the curls are too curly for me. Every time I get my hair mega curled, I don't like it. So I think my curls need to be a little more understated.

Angelina's hair from the Oscars a few years ago is my favorite "back" hair. I think the curls are curly enough without being too big or thick and I love how the sides are pulled back. I, however, HATE the front (and not just because I despise her) but I think it's too poofy and too messy.

I really love this style from Project Wedding. I think it might be a little too boring but it's definitely on track with what I want! Maybe just a tiny bit more curl in front, and I wish I could see the back.

Carrie Underwood's hair in this pic is definitely the front runner of styles right now. It's super similar to the last pic but the poof is a little higher, which I think "dresses" it up a bit and the curls are a little bigger and looser (which I like) but again, I wish there was a little more curl and a picture of the back.

As far as makeup goes, I pretty much know what I want to do. I LOVE makeup and I wear a lot of it, especially eye makeup. I want to do my hair a little more understated so I can get away with more dramatic makeup. I want it to be glamorous and not "typical" wedding makeup but I want to look like myself and a bride...if that makes any sense at all. Here are some looks I am loving....

I love Beyonce's makeup in this pic! The lips are pinker than what I want to do (I'm more of a natural lip color kind of girl) but I love they eye and cheek colors!

I love the eyes in this pic. It's a little smokier than I would want to go under the eye, but I love the lid. It's more understated than the rest of the looks, which might be good.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the eyes in this pic! I think this would be a nice "wedding" look but it's definitely dramatic! The lashes are a little crazier than what I would do but I love the shadow!

This is my favorite look by far, eye wise that is--I hate that lip color! I LOVE that light and dark fading, it's soft but still dramatic. I wouldn't go so low with the smokiness underneath but other than that I LOVE it! This pic will definitely be coming with me to the trial.

So here's a question for all you pros out there! How soon is too soon to do your hair and makeup trial? I mean, I know where I'm getting it done, I know who is doing it, I have my veil and my hair accessories already, so why wait? BUT, will I change my mind between now and then?

When did you do yours? When is a good time to get this taken care of?

(J and I could really use that $1,000!)

If you haven't registered they just ask for your name and e-mail. But, don't worry they dont send you any spam....just a confirmation e-mail!

And, you can vote every hour! So vote often! :)



Saying I do said...

I had my hair and makeup trial 6 months before the wedding..but I was also using that to base if I wanted to book them or not. I did feel relieved to have it done..but I am questioning my hair style choice and am going to pay to have a second hair trial to try out more styles. You seem to have a pretty good idea of what you want, I'd say get it done in the next few months.

Momma Drees said...

I had a strong idea of what I wanted as well; much like Jessica's hair. But I had my own flair to it. AND mine was much longer at the time!

I did mine about 4 months out.

MIL2K said...

Yo! Your experienced mamma to be (experienced meaning HC Queen, Miss Bloom. pageant, modeling for Daytons, oh yah, a couple little gigs in between, then in TX a couple spots with MaryKay and Fashion Publications) now you're thinking (no Jason is) what does this have to do with now?! Well, I have always been told about the good makeup/hair creations, so after all this on&on, I say keep looking at styles (you got 8 months) (things will change again shortly), go project wedding girl hair with whisper bangs and smokey eyes but not too much on the bottom, glossy lips with a touch of a red color.

Miss K said...

Love this post!! You and I are so on the same page! I'm also wearing my hair down, but with just my left side pinned back, but with plenty of hair in the front still, not all to one side. I'm also wearing a smoky eye, I usually wear a lot of make-up and want to look like myself on my wedding day...regardless of other people saying I should wear a more "natural" look.

Anyhoo, I think that a mix of Jessica/Angelina curls will look great, if you do it too loose of a curl it will be straight and stringy after dancing for hours. I love Carrie's poof, it has the perfect mix of heighth and leaves enough hair down in the front.

For make-up I love the third look the most, but think it would look better with a mix of the 4th dramatic one.

I had my make-up done for my engagement photos by the same person who is doing my wedding make-up and I'm really happy with the outcome and it gives me more direction in what I want for the wedding day. I'm having my make-up and hair trial 2 weeks before the wedding, but I've worked with my person for years. If it was someone new, I'd probably want at least two sessions before the big day to be sure.

Jessica said...

Jessica Simpson's wedding hair is soooo pretty!!

Monique said...

I love the hair choices you have! So classic. I'm also a huge fan of dramatic eyelashes.

Corinne said...

I love the hair styles you picked! I was checking my daily emails and came across this - thought you could add it to your list (it even has a how-to so you could try it out yourself before if you wanted!):

Ryan Ranalli said...

I'm doing the last picture on your "eye makeup" list for my wedding. I hated the lip color too. I did my trial run this weekend and my stylist used a little more gold than what's in the picture to bring out my eyes. I simply loved it. I'm getting married Saturday and I can't wait to make a statement with this awesome eye makeup!

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