Tuesday, April 5, 2011

7 months!

In just 7 short months I will be marrying my best friend and the love of my life! I CANNOT believe how quickly time is going and with a jam packed summer schedule I know the big day will be here before we know it! I am so excited for all of the fun things that will be happening between now and November 5th!

This coming weekend we will be having one last night on the time before J's brother leaves for boot camp and then on Sunday we're taking out engagement pictures!!! So excited!

April 15th is my BB's birthday!

April 16th-20th I will be in Scottsdale!

The 22nd and 23rd my dad is hosting his yearly Best Buy Spring Invitational basketball tournament. It's always a ton of work but also a ton of fun!

May7th, my dear friends Steve & Christine are getting married! Can't wait!!!

May14th I will HOPEFULLY going to the Tim McGraw concert. J and I are going to try to scalp tickets! It's also my dad's b-day!

May 29th my little brother graduates college! I can't believe it! Then, that night is my friend Sara Jayne's Bachelorette Party!

June 4th my college friends Liz & Dustin are having their wedding reception! They are getting married in Jamaica this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

June 12th is my BB's Bridal Shower! CAN'T WAIT!

June 24th & 25th we have out of town weddings. On Friday our friends Derrick & Stacey are getting married in Breezy Point. Then on Saturday our lovely friends and wedding photographers are getting married in Iowa! I have no idea if we're going to be able to pull off both weddings but we'll certainly try!

The July 2-3rd is 4th of July weekend, which is one of my favorite holidays!

July 6th is the BRITNEY CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 13th-15th is my dad's HUGE Summer Basketball tournament. I mean, HUGE!

July 16th is my friend Alisha's Bachelorette Party!

July 23rd is my BB's BACHELORETTE PARTY! It's going to be crazy and fabulous and I am so excited! :)

August 9th I'll be going to the Sade concert with my dad!

August 17th is J's 31st Birthday!

August 26th-28th I will be escaping city life for a Bachelorette Lake Weekend with my best girlfriends! I am seriously so excited I can hardly stand it!

September 2nd-5th is not only Labor Day weekend but the start of the GOPHER FOOTBALL season! HOLLER!

September 10th our amazing friends Seth & Alisha are getting married!

September 17th is my BACHELORETTE PARTY!!!!!!!

September 23rd my friends John and Lauren are getting married!

September 24th my Gophers play my BB's alma mater the NDSU Bison! This game will be so fun!

September 30th is JAKE & CAROLYN'S WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 16th is my Bridal Shower hosted by my lovely bridesmaids!

October 22nd is J's Bachelor Party but I will be cheering loud and proud as my Gophers take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

October 29th is a HUGE Gopher game! We play the Iowa Hawkeyes which is a huge rivalry games, especially since Hawkeye fans are the most rude and irritating fans in college football! Plus, it's Halloween weekend which means all the Gopher fans will be dressed in costumes!

NOVEMBER 4th is our Rehearsal & Groom's dinner!

THEN on NOVEMBER 5TH, 7 months from today it will be my WEDDING DAY! And I will get to vow and promise to love this man for the rest of my life!

And the best of all, once it's all done I get to spend 7 days in sunny Mexico with my HUSBAND!!!!!!!

It's going to be a super crazy but super fun 214 days!


Brooke said...

You've got a busy but FUN 7 months ahead! How exciting :)

Sara Jayne said...

YAY! With a busy calendar like that, it will be here before you KNOW it! <3

Stephanie said...

These next 7 months are going to FLY!!!! Live it up sister! :) I feel like I was just 7 months away...now I'm 11 DAYS away-AHHH!!

Maura said...

wow this is like the year of weddings for you! sounds like you're gonna have a very fun, very busy year!

Carolyn said...

Woo Hoo!! Best summer ever! :)

Ashley said...

holy mother! that was exhausting!! It sounds like you are going to have a fabulous 7 months and with all those events going on, it will be here before you know it!

Miss K said...

holy hell. your next 7 months is OUT.OF.CONTROL.

Jessica said...

You are one busy lady! You're wedding will be here before you know it. ;)

Bre said...

I am exhausted just from reading all of that! Geez! So much excitement and love this year for you!

Lindsay @ My Happily Ever After said...

Sounds like you are definitely going to be a busy little bee for the next 7 months!! They will totally fly by :)

Married...with a Pup said...

WOW! A lot of weddings, how fun! Looks like a busy time!

Leah said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun and exciting things to look forward to in the upcoming months- how fun! I laughed out loud because I go to Iowa State so your quip about the Hawkeyes hit close to home- we like them even less here! :P

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

So so exciting! these next months are going to be amazing for you!

Mel {The Oceanside Bride} said...

Woah chica- you got a lot of FUN things going on in the next 7 months!!! I'm sure I don't have to say ENJOY IT! =)