Friday, April 8, 2011


I am SO excited! We are taking our engagement pictures this weekend! I cannot wait! I have told you all about our amazing photographer (Sara Jayne) before, but in case you're new or missed it read about how cool she is: HERE!

I stalked her facebook page to show you some of the amazing engagement pics she has taken in the past, hopefully these couples don't think I'm completely creepy, but I just had to show you this amazingness!

To see more of Sara Jayne's incredible work, visit her website

So here's where I need your advice...I have complete and total faith in Sara Jayne, I know she will take absolutely stunning photos, what I am worried about is me and J. We're both relatively photogenic, but we've never done a shoot before. I am worried the pictures won't be as amazing when it's me and J in them and I am looking at them with an uber-critical eye. So, I need some advice.

What did you ladies do or not do, or like or not like when it came to taking your engagement pictures?

Any advice on what to wear or what not to wear (for both me and J)?

What about outfit changes? How many changes did you do? How many locations did you shoot?

Ahhh! I am so excited and so nervous! Give me anything you've got!


Young and Fabulous said...

im so excited for you guys! that will be so so much fun :) I'm not engaged (yet) haha but I've done some photo shoots..basically just have FUN with it! do silly things...photographers like when they catch you off guard giving fun looks or smiling big..and those are the photos that come out the most REAL..not too posey..I think you guys will have an absolute BLAST though :)

i hope you will share at least one photo with us! haha

have fun girl!

Jessica said...

We didn't take any outfit changes but I wish I had. I would have done at least two, maybe three if I had time. A more dressy option and a casual option definitely!

Her photos are stunning! Can't wait to see yours.

Café Moka said...

Can't wait to see you engagement pics! I'm sure both of you will look great!

Ashley said...

I didn't do an outfit change -- but I have found the less busy your outfit, the more the subject stands out versus the clothes they are wearing.
I would say just be relaxed -- don't try too hard to pose. oh and have fun and laugh a lot -- REAL emotion is what looks best in print.
She'll guide you some on posing/angles but otherwise take cues from her and feed off of the energy between you and your fiance.
Oh and i LOVE that first picture! GOrgeous!

Amanda Leigh said...

My husband and I did 2 outfit changes, and 2 locations. Out first location was Downtown fort Worth, so we dressed "up" a little. I wore a dress, he wore jeans and a crisp white shirt. Second as in the Stockyards, so I wore jeans and a shirt, while he did jeans and a polo. What we tried to do was not MATCH match, but when I wore a blue dress with white polka dots, he wore a white shirt. And when he wanted to wear a blue aqua kinda colored polo, i found a shirt that had many colors in it, one being the same as his shirt. So it was a good contrast. Definitely wear something that is you, and what you would normally wear. Its the best way to display who you are.
See my link for some pictures from my shoot!

Marian said...

Oh my goodness!!! They are going to be amazing. I would say bring two outfits..that way you can have a casual and dressier version. In regards to locations, we only shoot at one place (a baseball stadium) but were all around it. I guess it all depends on your photographer and where you'll be taking your shoots. In regards to posing...some of the cheesier postions we were in...actually turned out the best. Don't get sucked up into it, the ones were you aren't posing and are just in the moment, the two of you, always look great as well. Have a blast!! Can't wait to see them:)

Aubrey S. said...

We didn't do outfit changes, but we did pick a location that had a lot of variety to change up the look of the photos.

When we started our shoot, my husband was pretty stiff, and we had to get him laughing to loosen up. So spend some time earlier in the day just having fun with each other. By the time there's a camera, you won't even notice it.

Sara Jayne said...

We're going to have SO MUCH FUN! Just relax.. be your adorable selves.. let go.. laugh.. and absorb all the love between you and J! After all.. thats what its all about :) See you Sunday!

steph c said...

My best piece of advice is to have fun!! I realized after we got our pictures that the only ones I really liked were the ones that were more candid, less posed, where Scot and I were looking at each other or laughing at something. You photog already seems to do a great job at capturing those little moments!

As for outfits.. we only did one, but most people I know have done 2 outfits, with one or two locations. I hope that you have a blast!!

Stephanie said...

Trust Sara since she knows what she is doing! You wouldn't tell a car mechanic how to fix your car -- lol. But do tell her if there is anything you hate about yourself -- I don't like to be shot in profile, so she'll avoid those kinds of shots. :)

Bre said...

We had two outfits and 3 or 4 locations, all in the same general area of town. Some of our best shots are the candids. It helps that you already know your photog, so there will be a certain level of comfort there. Just have fun with it!

Stephanie said...

Wine!!! Ha! No but really...I wish we would have had a glass or two so we could have loosened up a bit-I felt the same with my bridals but totally forgot.

We had two outfits and took shots at any and every location we desired. I think the key is to take ANY and ALL pics you have in never know. SOme of our best pics were the ones I thought were SO cheesy but now they are my faves.

Have SO much fun!!

ajs {of MN} said...

my advise: just be yourselves- its SUPER awkward acting natural in from of a camera- b/c that is what you will be told "act natural" dont worry if the first few shots or minutes are sooooo "weird" because it will get better!

we went to three locations all within a 10 mile radius- all picked by me and my photographer LOVED it, so that made it REALLY fun and unique to us.

we changed twice, but i changed up my 2nd option with wearing a scarf at the second location and then removing the scarf at the 3rd. you could do the same with another accessory, jewelry, shoes, hair etc..

have so much fun and no mattter what you ar
e going to LOVE all of them b/c you are in pro photos with your most favorite person :)

Married...with a Pup said...

LOVE those pictures. My husband and I had our engagement pictures in the fall so we had some pictures with our outfits and then with our jackets. We wore basic black with jeans. Have fun and make sure to enjoy your time!

JoJo said...

You're gonna look beautiful please you are so beyond photogenic! I always think you look flawless in your pics. I have total faith this shoot will be amazing and I can't wait to see them!

Sara said...

Sara Jayne's work is amazing!! I agree with the other gals- two outfits worked well for us- one more dressy and the other casual. One of the things I did during the photos with a friend of mine that I wish I had done with our photographers photos was getting my hair blown out. I have long hair and it always looks better when someone else does it ;-)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh how fun! Sorry I missed this and it's a little too late for advice! haha I hope you two had a wonderful time! Looking forward to seeing them!