Monday, April 4, 2011


It's no secret that I've been hardcore stressed lately. I think it was my late night breakdown phone call to my mom and the fact that she won't be back in MN for over a month that prompted her to suggest possibly the best idea she's ever had.

On April 16th, I will be flying to Arizona to spend 4 days in Scottsdale!

I plan on doing NOTHING! I just want to relax!!!

OK, that's I lie, I'm not going to be doing nothing. I plan on spending my days laying out here:

That's my dog Koli, who I cannot wait to see! I also plan on taking her for a couple of walks!

I plan on catching some major "zzz's" in this super comfy bed:

I plan on going to Fashion Square to do some shopping:

Possibly enjoying one or two of these by the club's pool:

And, most of all I can't wait to spend some quality time with my all time favorite lady:

The only thing that could get me more excited was if I got to bring these two with me:

Happy Monday Y'all!!!!


Young and Fabulous said...

you and your momma are gorgeous!!! :)

That'll be so much fun! Enjoy the warm weather and cocktails ;)


brynn. said...

i agree with erica, fab picture of yall!

have fun on your little break :)

Miss Chelsea said...

Good for you girl... enjoy your getaway!

Carolyn said...


Miss K said...

Yay! You def deserve a vacation, you work so hard!

Mrs. Bear said...

SO FUN! Can i come? =0)

Lindsay @ My Happily Ever After said...

I'm going to Scottsdale at the very end of April for a little vacay myself! I've never been and am really excited!!

Bre said...

I could really use a vacation right about now. I don't have any time off until the honeymoon.

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