Thursday, April 21, 2011

Me Time

I am home from Arizona. I had a fabulous time. It was exactly what I needed after a really busy, really long and really cold winter.

I stayed in the guest house aka "the casita" and was absolutely loving it up. I adore my fiance but it was really wonderful to have some time to myself. Sleep in a big comfy bed, watch whatever TV and movies I want and just lounge around.

I got in Saturday night and my wonderful mother must have read THIS blog post because the casita was stocked with all my favorite things:


Market Pantry Mango Peach Sparking Waters!!!

And tons of magazines!!!

I spent each day laying by the pool,

and each night hanging out with my mom and step-dad.

The first night we went straight from the airport to their favorite restaurant, Mastro's, which is an amazing steakhouse. I got the Filet Oscar, but there they put an entire crab cake on top opposed to just the lump crab...O-M-G. It was to die for!

Sunday after the pool, my mom and I did a little shopping. I've never been a lipstick-wearer, in fact I rarely have any color on my lips, but after our engagement shoot (I had lip color on) I really liked how it looked. I picked up some Rouge Double Intensite by Chanel and absolutely love it!

I got it in Rose Agate, so it's a nice neutral color, nothing too flashy! It's a lip stain so it lasts for hours and the gloss isn't too sticky, so I love it! After shopping we stopped by Zinc Bistro for a lovely glass of wine. Then, we headed back to the house and had a pre-dinner martini

then went to Gianfranco's for a nice big pasta dinner!

Monday was another day by the pool followed by Happy Hour at Sapporo, which was amazing. I had a fabulous Mago Mai Tai and incredible sushi!

On the way home, we couldn't resist stopping by Mastro's again, this time we just got a drink, even though I easily could have downed another Filet Oscar. After our beverage we went to Jade Palace to pick up some Chinese food. My mom and I instantly made friends with the manager and after about two minutes found ourselves taking Sake Bombs with him! Nothing like pounding a quick drink while waiting for your take out!

Oh Hugh!

Tuesday, I got an early start out by the pool and then went to Fashion Square for some more shopping, then my mom and I met up with Steve (my step-dad) and Stan (a close family friend) for some Mexican! We went to a local dive called Tee Pee's which had amazing margaritas and fabulous Mexican food. Once again my mom and I found ourselves taking free shots (how does that always happen to us?)

Wednesday I had an early flight to catch and was home in Minneapolis and back to work by 2:00pm. I had amazing time, and while the trip was too short, it was exactly what I needed. I got some me time, some sun and some quality time with my mama. From now until the wedding, J and I have a jam packed schedule; but I feel rested, relaxed and rejuvenated and I am ready to take on this crazy fun summer of ours!


Saying I do said...

sooo jealous, that sounds absolutely perfect. I sooo need a vacation right now!

ty said...

I'm so jealous of your vacation. And of that pool. BANANAS.

KatiePerk said...

So much fun. Jealous of your tan and that crabcake on a steak!!

Miss Chelsea said...

How fun! I love that a majority of what you did is eat and drink... that makes for a wonderful trip in my mind haha! Can I come next time?!

Katie said...

That guesthouse looks amazing and that is so incredibly sweet of her to stock up on your favorite things. aw. Glad you had fun girl!!

Samantha said...

What a nice vacation :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

What a nice, relaxing time it sounds like you had! And can your mom get any cooler? Seriously! haha I am so happy you had a nice time!!! Everything sounded amazing!

Carolyn said...

Glad you had fun, but I am even more glad you're back! LOL

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Sounds perfect! Love the pool pic!

Miss K said...

what a perfect perfect weekend! that sound slike my kind of trip!

Jessica said...

Your mom sounds like a ton of fun, glad you had a good time!

Bre said...

So jealous! What a fabulous getaway and quality time with your mom! She is so sweet to stock the casita with all your faves and magazines with Brit-Brit stories. What a lucky girl you are!

I need a vacay so bad, but don't have any time off until the wedding. Almost there!

Married...with a Pup said...

Aww looks like an awesome time!