Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday: Obsession

I think I may have an addictive personality, because I go on tears where i eat, watch or use the same things over and over and over and over. I definitely have some obsessions and things I am currently crushing on, so I'm using BB's Thoughts on Thursdays to share them with you!

Since I gave up pop in November I have been hardcore addicted to the Peach Mango Sparkling Water from Target! It is sooo yummy! They're HUGE so they last me hours, they only cost $.89 and the carbonation totally fills that pop void.

I cannot and will not stop listening to Femme Fatale.....seriously? How amazing is this album?! I think it could be Brit's best yet and Til the World Ends is quickly becoming my favorite Britney tune of all time. OBSESSED.

Every time I pop in to Target to get my sparkling water I also grab a bag of the Market Pantry Mixed Fruit Fruit Snacks. I don't know what it is and I know it's super random but I LOVE these damn things!

I love the show Castle. J always makes fun of me because he thinks it's a super random show to be obsessed with, but I LOVE IT. It's so funny! Do any of you watch it? It's seriously my favorite show on TV right now, and that's saying A LOT cuz I watch a TON of television!

I'm on a major hummus kick and this Sabra brand is my fave! I love the original and the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. I have been buying the little mini packs and some pita chips which have been a great lunch! I could eat a whole tub in one sitting. So good!

I got a mani/pedi on Sunday afternoon and chose Essie's "Beach Party" for my nails and OPI's "Houston We Have a Purple" from the new Texas collection for my toes. I am LOVING this color combo and will be sticking with it for a while!

And of course, these two.

Can't. Get. Enough.

Alright chicas, it's Thursday and I know you can't think of a blog topic because all you can think about is the head on over to Life, Love & Puppy Prints and link up with THOUGHTS ON THURSDAY!


Katie said...

Love your picks! I eat the Sabra hummus religiously but my favorite is the pine nuts. I am so obsessed. try it!!

Ashley said...

I LOVE Castle!! We stumbled across it this past season and I didn't realize it was in its THIRD season!! So we quickly netflix-ed Seasons 1 and 2. Now we're caught up! =)
I'm going to have to try those fruit's the texture?! I am a texture eater lol

Carolyn said...

Femme Fatale = amazing.

Love the nail color combo!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Agreed - the new album is amazing!!

Jessica said...

Mmm! I really need to get some Hummus! I tried it for the first time recently, YUM.

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

That last photo is adorable! :) Awww...

And that's my favorite type of hummus too. It's the only store bought brand that I like.

steph c said...

I'm a huge seltzer/sparkling water nut.. I'm going to have to try that stuff from Target! Sounds delicious!

Kristen said...

I love, love, love that Target water. One or two always make it into my card.