Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Transportation

For some reason figuring out transportation for our wedding day was one of the hardest parts of planning. I think it had something to do with the fact that it was a big expense for something so minor. I contacted probably 20 local transportation companies and was floored by the ridiculous quotes I was receiving.

Ideally, what we wanted was transportation before the ceremony--someone to get J and the groomsmen from the hotel to the church and someone to get my and my girls from the Beauty Lounge to the church, then we needed a 22 passenger limo to take our wedding party out before the reception and finally a town car to bring J and I to our hotel after the reception. Apparently, this was the most expensive request ever! Sorry, I'm not spending $2,000 of our budget on the damn transportation! I started to get stressed about how this was going to work out. I'm such a planner and the coordination and timing of the big day is one of the things I stay up at night thinking about. J was so sweet and tried to come up with all kinds of ideas and alternatives, but unfortunately all of them seemed so complicated and I was concerned it would end up causing more stress and confusion the day of. Finally, I came across Total Luxury Limousine!

Their sales reps were SO nice and and so helpful. They really worked with me to make sure we were covered, taken care of and not completely broke. The best part of their service--the cost includes tax, fuel and gratuity! Something I learned is extremely rare! It's going to work out perfectly!

We have a 12 passenger van that will be responsible for getting all the boys and all us girls to the church.

Then we have a 22 passenger Limo Coach that will pick the wedding party up after the ceremony. We'll go to a couple of spots downtown Minneapolis to take pictures and then hit up my favorite U of M bar for a quick toast. The limo will then safely deliver us to the reception.

Finally, a town car will show up at the reception to take me and my hubby to our hotel!

I am so glad to have this part of the planning done! I feel a huge relief and feel super confident that everyone will be where they need to be and ON TIME on the wedding day! Hopefully this will put some of those crazy wedding nightmares to rest! Is it just me or do all of them have to do with being late or not ready?


Christina said...

That was something that we struggled with too until a few days before the wedding. Glad you were able to knock that out!!

Carolyn said...

I can't wait to ride in that limo!! YAHOO!!

Miss K said...

wow. i couldn't imagine coordinating all that! congrats girl on finding a great company and staying within a budget!

steph c said...

We're going to have to figure out some kind of transportation as well, and I am SO scared to learn what the prices will come back at.. I've heard horror stories like yours! So glad that you were able to find an affordable one :)

Rachel said...

I think coordinating the transportation is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding for sure! Exciting that you got that part taken care of!

And a completely different (and random) note: I saw a post on another blog about a Coffee Shop wedding. Just HAD to share with you! :-)

-Miss Puppy Love

Lindsay @ My Happily Ever After said...

All of my pre-wedding nightmares were about not being ready on time!! Then the day came and we were actually early everywhere we went! Weird how that stuff works out lol

Bre said...

I definitely have the "not ready" or "not enough time" dreams when it comes to the wedding. Glad you got this all taken care of. Another thing to check off your list! I feel like you are way ahead of schedule.

Jessica said...

The limo coach is the best plan! My cousin had one and we had so much fun!! :D