Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tim McGraw

I'm a little late to the party, but I haven't been feeling well this week so my blog has taken a major hit. But, you know what they say..."better late than never."

Last Saturday, Tim McGraw was in town. I had been bugging J about going since the tickets went on sale, but unfortunately, it didn't really fit in to our budget. J had been stalking craigslist hoping to score some last minute tickets, but to no avail.

So, on Saturday after work we decided that we've been working really hard and have put so much in to our wedding savings lately that we deserved a night out. We agreed that we'd spend $60 on tickets, and if we couldn't scalp them for that we wouldn't go. So, we took $60 out of our account and headed downtown Saint Paul. We got down there a little early to really haggle with the scalpers, so we went to a fun little bar for felt so good to be out with my honey! We don't get very many date nights.

After dinner we were on our way to the Excel Energy Center, and about two minutes later we had 2 tickets to see Tim McGraw! **Enter spastic Kristin jumping up and down and clapping!** Obviously, for $30 a ticket our seats weren't the best, we were up in section 208 which at the Excel is pretty high up there. As we reached our section a lovely little usher informed us that she would be "relocating us." About ten minutes later we were in our new section 108! It was incredible! This night could not be any better! I was pumped!

Then Luke Bryan came on!

I've heard his music on the radio and I've seen pictures online, but cripes, after seeing him live I am obsessed! I even bought his CD (yeah, I'm a sucker)

So, Luke Bryan gets done and now the energy in the Excel is rising...everyone knows what is coming next and they're going crazy. Then the lights go out. The band starts to play. Any minute now....Tim is coming onstage any minute.....then I hear everyone start to scream, just going bananas. I am staring at the stage so confused, what is everyone so worked up about? I don't see him anywhere! So I'm staring at the stage trying to figure out what I'm missing when J starts tapping me on the shoulder and saying, "Kris....ummm, Kris? KRIS!" WHAT? I finally yell and as I look over my right should THERE IS TIM MCGRAW! You guys, he entered the arena through our section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in absolute shock. It took me a second or two to even process what was happening. J goes, "Don't you want to take a picture?" To which my light bulb finally comes back on and I start scrambling and jumping over seats to get a picture of Tim.

Unfortunately, by the time I got my shiz together, he had already passed us. But, see the guy in the white shirt with the black cowboy hat? Ummmm, yeah, that's TIM MCGRAW! Cripes! Too much to handle.

His show was absolutely amazing! He played for almost two hours and I really can't say enough good things about his performance. I have been to a ton of concerts and never have I seen a star be so interactive with his fans. The entire concert he was giving high-fives, hugs and walking through the crowd.

And, being the gentleman he is, he invited his opening acts, The Band Perry and Luke Bryan on-stage to perform with him. Which of course, Tim & Luke together made my head explode!

It was such an incredible night. I have to thank my JJ for bringing me to the was without a doubt our best date night ever! I love you so much!


Amanda Leigh said...

Looks like he pulled a Taylor Swift! When she appeared in the audience it was amazing. Granted it was on the other side of the arena, but it was still cool.
Im guessing they moved you because they needed to fill that specific section up? What incredible luck! Tim Mcgraw knows how to put on a good show!

steph c said...

Oh my gosh what total luck!! That's amazing that he walked right past you guys.. it looks like it was an amazing show!

Katie said...

haha aw! this is so funny I did my post on the Tim Mcgraw concert we went to today too! He entered right in front of us on this raised stage. He is AWESOME! Def one of the best concerts I've been to. I absolutely loved the Band Perry & Luke too! Luke = so good looking.

Miss K said...

you are so lucky!! i love when life has little surprises and ups like that :D

Maura said...

i'm so glad you went! he puts on a good show doesn't he?! and luke bryan is my new fav country cutie!

Jessica said...

Aww, sounds like you guys had a blast!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love Tim, you lucky! :)

Kristin said...

What a fun night! Thats awesome you got better seats!

Ashley said...

SO fun! i'm so glad you were able to get tickets for the price you wanted!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Jealous!! Looks like an incredible night!