Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Groom's Dinner

We have a venue all nailed down for our Groom's Dinner and I am SO excited! I went to school at the University of Minnesota and one of the restaurants/bars where I was quite the regular was called Steaknife. The owner, Tony, is Greek and so am I, so we bonded instantly. Tony was always bringing my bottles of wine and treating me like a queen when I would stop in. Once J and I started dating we went to Steaknife often because the food is amazing! When trying to think of places for our Groom's dinner, Steaknife (now named Tony's Diner) stood out above the rest. We took J's dad and step-mom to dinner and to meet Tony and they were sold once they saw how amazingly sweet Tony is.

Tony has shut his restaurant down for a private party only once before and it was for his cousin's christening and he is willing to do it for us! It's going to be so fun and so personal and the food will be AMAZING (and Greek!!!)

Me and my girlfriends singing karaoke at Tony's way back in the day! I'm pretty sure this was my Freshman year!

It's going to be the perfect place for our Groom's Dinner and I can't wait to have our very closest friends and family together the night before we get married!!! SO EXCITED! CANNOT WAIT!

129 days to go!!!


Lillian said...

Love Greek food and Greeks! Always so much fun.

Jessica said...

How neat! Looks like a great place.

steph c said...

Oh my gosh I love Greek food. Sounds like an amazing place to have the dinner!

Ms. BWIT said...

A. I didn't know you were Greek food!
B. I had no idea that was called a "Grooms Dinner". How fun!! I cannot wait to see pictures of your wedding...already!

Kara Frank said...

Love this!!! GREAT idea!!!

Carolyn said...

I can't wait to fill my face with this yummy food!!!! :)