Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

With only 136 days until the wedding, it's starting to really feel real!

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We have so much done and I feel great about where we're at, but there's always things to be doing when it comes to wedding planning and I am bound and determined to have as little to do the weeks leading up to the wedding as possible. In fact, one of my amazing bridesmaids, Courtney, sent me a super sweet e-mail and part of it said, "Trust me when I say – work ahead so that you have as few things to do the week before as possible. Stuff will come up, but then if all the other to-do’s are done, you’ll have time for the random stuff that pops up." And that's exactly what I'm doing, right now I'm working on the following....

-Flowers! My mom and I met with our florist on Monday and finalized all the flower details (so excited!)

-Gifts! Our Groomsmen gifts arrives (I LOVE THEM!), my BM gifts are 99% complete (just waiting for one more delivery!) We've got our readers and ceremony musicians taken care of, now I am working on finalizing the details for the gifts to our parents.

-Invites! They are completely printed (I had a little snafu) and now I am working on assembling them and getting our return address on all the envelopes. Then, come September all I'll have to do is address and stuff. Easy.

-Showers! I need to get the final guest lists to each of my shower hosts. I also need to start figuring out some outfits for these blessed events. I CANNOT wait for my showers!

-Details! Details! Details! I have a few DYI projects I want to do in the way of reception I'm hoping to get those starting soon!

-Saving! I am trying to pay for as much as I can as early as I can, I have all of my pre-wedding facials and waxing appointments scheduled and paid for, which feels great!

-Scheduling! I created a tentative Day-Of itinerary and as soon as my lovely photographer, Sara Jayne is done GETTING MARRIED (this weekend, SO excited) we're going to meet and go over it and check out some photo locations. I also want to get a rough schedule started for the day before the wedding, I know I'm a spaz....but all of my wedding nightmares have to do with poor scheduling so I'm pre-scheduling as much as I can!

What were you doing or freaking out about or planning at the 41/2 month mark? Words of wisdom are much appreciated here! :)


Nicole-Lynn said...

How exciting! I bet you just want it to be here already! :) I agree with your friend, definitely get as much as you can done early on! There will most definitely be things that pop up last minute.

Enjoy these last few months... it goes by so fast! :)

Whitney said...

We were engaged only about 5 months. We had quite a bit done within the first two weeks. We didn't even book our musicians, until about two or three weeks before the wedding.

if possible, i would take two or three days off from work before the wedding and after the wedding. it is nice to have that little break!

Katie @ Keep Calm & Carry On said...

try to focus on controlling the controllables! if that makes sense :) I used to tell myself that. You are in FANTASTIC shape though for how much you have done!

Carolyn said...

Woohooo! :)

Mimi said...

how exciting! yay for getting a lot of work done, and good luck with more of your wedding planning! :D

<3, Mimi

Jasmine said...

it sounds like you have a great handle on everything! my biggest fear is that i'll forget to schedule something.. or something will take longer than expected and things will run late. so i'm really focusing on that type of stuff now (with 24 days to go!). but make sure you know your song choices... like parent dances, first dance, cake cutting... i feel like i waited and it was time to tell the DJ and i scrambled to find a songs! i hate feeling rushed!

♡ bAs said...

wow, sounds like you have so much done! I am just starting. I have some big stuff done, but that is about it. I need to start getting down to work! Can't wait to hear more details! (:

Feel free to throw any tips my way! lol <3

Megan said...

I wish I could say that I had this much stuff done. My wedding is 6 months away and I haven't even picked out an invite yet. I feel so behind all of the time. I love your blog though. And I am now one of your newest followers!