Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July Weekend

I'm pretty confident I am still recovering from the amazingness that was 4th of July weekend. On Saturday we took some of our favorite friends up to Milaca where J's mom and step-dad live. We always have a super crazy fun time when we're up there, and this trip was no exception! Our trip was filled with....

...my MIL's brisket!

...minnow racing at the Kountry Kettle

...beer pong

...a mystery shot

...another mystery shot

...and another mystery shot

....amazing people

....jukebox sing-a-longs

...wall of fame dollar dollar bills y'all

...and in celebration of their ONE WEEK anniversary we recreated John & Sara's first dance!

See the original here:


Sunday was all about recovering from Bock. Then Monday we were back at it. We spent the day (which was GORGEOUS by the way) at my Aunt's pool celebrating America and my cousin's birthday with tons of drinks, sun and food! It was seriously my perfect!

See! Look how happy I am! ps.....totally loving that Twisted Iced Tea now makes tall boy cans!!! Then we went to J's dad's for a delicious BBQ.

It was a wonderful weekend and hopefully one of these days I will be caught up on sleep.


Carolyn said...

It was so much fun! :)

Milaca/Bock said...

I like being called your MIL, it makes me smile! I love when you, J and your friends and family come to "Gateway to the Northland." Country living is surreal and anytime you want to get away MIL is here.
P.S. You sure look fine by the pool!

Ju said...

"Country living is surreal"?? HAHAHA, what does that even mean?? Anyway, neat blog, maybe ill follow you

Caroline said...

That brisket looks amazing!

Katie said...

OHH hello skinny minnie! WTH are you smoking?! You are tiny! he he he :)

steph c said...

Sounds like a fantabulous weekend! Gotta love those mystery shots ;)