Friday, August 19, 2011

Honeymoon Wishlist

In less than 3 months I will be HERE

Doing THIS

Drinking one of THESE

With HIM

Which makes my lust over all of THIS

Thanks a lot Victoria and your damn Secret!


Corinne said...

Looks amazing! Where are you going for your honeymoon?! We're in the process of looking/booking right now and it's so overwhelming with all the options!

Gina said...

What hotel are you staying at? It looks amazing!

Reader Fan said...

I am so excited for you both, and no s _ _ _, we had a similar place and I wore the same kind of sandals. We had the most fantastic time. You will look beautiful in any of those choices and I know your fiance will think so,
cause I happen to know him personally.

Carolyn said...

So exciting! :)

birdie to be said...

Looks AMAZING! Where are you headed?

Liesl said...

How exciting!!! We have been thinking about where we want to go for our honeymoon and I've been thinking about outfits even though we have lots of time...your outfits look lovely!

Liesl :)

Ambs said...

Those clothes look fabulous! I spent quite a bit of time on the VS website just the other night looking at cute clothes and adding them to my wishlist!
Hope planning is going well... you are so close to your big day!

Bride-onicles said...

Wow that honeymoon spot looks amazing!!! And why does VS always have sooo many things that I want!?!?

steph c said...

VS gets me into such trouble.. I swoon over most of their stuff, it's perfect and WAY too cute!

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