Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Dance Party

We have our ceremony music and our first dance figured out, but now it's time to figure out songs for the reception!

Here's what I know.....

-I need a Father/Daughter song
-I need a Mother/Son song
-I need a song for the Grand Entrance

I want my guests to dance their faces off.

The weddings that I have had the most fun at are the ones with an awesome DJ who plays songs that make you bust a move no matter how much you love or don't love to dance.

I have a TON of songs I can think of that I would LOVE to dance to at my wedding....but that definitely doesn't mean that the rest of the guests will. I think there needs to be a perfect mix of current and popular songs, mixed with some classics, some oldies and a few slow songs.

Our DJ has a huge database of songs and we have a form we use to make lists of "Must Play", "Play if There's Time" and "Do Not Play"'s where you come in....

What songs must we play? What are some classics that will get everyone from my grandma to my little cousin out on the dance floor?

On the other hand, what are some songs that you just cannot stand? Songs you've heard a million times and that if they come on at a wedding you make sure you use that time to head to the bathroom or the bar?

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for the Grand Entrance, Mother/Son or Father/Daughter dances....that would be great! :)


JAJ said...

Ah, the music and dancing plus booze are the best things about a reception! What about walking into your the Minnesota fight song? I surprised my husband and had the University of Texas fight song playing for our grand was a huge hit!

Miss K said...

i picked out every song we played at our wedding and i'm STILL hearing about what great music was played (ha ha they think it was all the magic of a dj). I chose a mix of everything, we played a ton of classic rock songs (beatles, elton john, journey, fleetwood mac) mixed with new songs and some faves from college. on my do not play list i had celine dion, the macarane, ymca, and a few others.

Carolyn said...

All I ask is that you do not play Cotton Eyed Joe. That's all. :)

Jessica said...

I don't know if I have suggestions but I can tell you what songs we used... :D

I used Somewhere Over the Rainbow by israel kamakawiwo'ole for my girls entrance and You and Me by Rosie Thomas for my entrance.
For our processional, we used Happy Together.
For the grand entrance, I surprised the hubs and used the theme from Rocky. He loved it!
For my father/daughter dance, I used Tim McGraw's My Little Girl.
And finally, for our first dance we used Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.

Not sure that helps but I loved all my choices!! :D

Marian said...

Classic rock songs are always the best...because people both young and old tend to know them. "Dont Stop Believing"...and really anything Journey, that song from Top Gun..."baby, baby, I get down on my knees for dop, ba dop"... "Sweet Caroline"...those are just a few. I'll see if we still have our list and if I can remember which ones really brought the crowds out:)

steph c said...

Oh geez. We're already talking about this since Scot and I have VERY different ideas of what should and should not be played! Like you, I'm big on dancing and there MUST be a dance party going on at our reception! Scot really wants to play a lot of "our" music - like Blink, Alkaline Trio, Head Automatica, Tegan and Sara.. not always the most dancey stuff.. plus people don't know most of those songs. I'm definitely a top 40 girl, and agree that you need a nice mix - a good DJ will definitely be able to help/give suggestions/read the crowd.

That being said, I hate Jump Around. Everyone else seems to love it, but I just really dislike that song, and can't dance to it, lol!