Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Parties!

With the wedding less than 6 weeks away, I am knee deep in planning! The RSVPs are coming in left and right, the honeymoon is paid for, the programs are being printed and I feel like I'm juggling about 300 other things. With all that has been going on lately, I haven't had time to catch you up on some recent wedding related parties!

A couple of weeks ago I had my second bridal shower, hosted by my wonderful Aunt Lisa. It was held at her house, the theme was black and white (perfection!) and it was such a beautiful night I got to open gifts on her beautiful patio by the fire!

Me and my baby sister! How cute is she?!

Glass of wine? Fire? Gifts? ....couldn't get any better than this!

KitchenAid Mixer from my grandma! Score!!!

My darn mom made me cry....after she and my dad were divorced she used her wedding ring to get herself some well deserved beautiful diamond earrings. She wore them every day for 16 years. Last Christmas my step-dad bought her a new pair of gorgeous earrings. So, at my shower, she wrote me a card that said, "It was because of your dad I was able to have these and it's because of Steve that I am able to give them to you." I absolutely LOVE them, and I wear them every day.

The most amazing (and adorable) cupcakes I've ever had! Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting from Sweet Retreat in Edina! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, this past Saturday was my Bachelorette Party and it was a blast! Me and 20 of my girlfriends met up at Seven Sushi Ultralounge and Skybar for dinner, drinks, games and a whole lotta undies (ya know the underwear game? we played it, and I won!)

All done up and ready to rock!

Me and the worldest best Personal Attendant/Bachelorette Party Planner, Robyn!

High School besties!


Thank gooddness our boys have good taste in women!

Oh! And on Saturday I had my wedding hair and makeup trial, but all you get to see is this:

Hot right?

I have one shower left then all I have left to do is get married! I cannot believe how quickly this is all coming and going. Soon I'm just going to be an old married lady. :)


Katie said...

OMG you look hot in that bachelorette dress and your makeup looks gorg! How come we haven't seen any other pics from that night?!

You look so toned too..way to go girly.

Your mom is precious for doing that. So very sweet.

Stephanie said...

LOVING your bachy party dress and that little birdcage veil. So cute!! Ahhh-I'm SO excited for you!!! 6 weeks?! Coming up girlfrand!

Miss K said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh so exciting! i love your look at both parties! such a sweet, sweet gift from your mother. so thoughtful!

Jessica said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! I think your hair looks great like that, keep it for the wedding. ;) Hahaha

Saying I do said...

I'm one of those old married ladies now!! Looks like so much fun! That's so beautiful about the earrings your mom gave you - very touching. What a great shower and bachelorette party!

Carolyn said...

Whoop! :)

Pink said...

you look great!! love the Kitchen Aid!!! :D

robyn said...

The edina girls pic is seriously so you guys....haha!!!


vikiallden said...

I found your blog from another blog site, it is always cool seeing other people that are getting married soon.

I am getting married next September, so I know how busy it can be.

It looks like it was a fun party!