Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Butt's Gettin' In Gear

I'm not embarrassed to admit I am a hardcore stress eater. {maybe I should be embarrassed to admit that}. Anyways, a few months ago my stress eating got away from me and soon my lovely wedding dress was too tight...not cool. 
Since, I have reeled it in and have been working out and the dress once again fits. The wedding is now LESS than two weeks away and I need to make sure that this little eating problem doesn't crop up again. So to keep myself on track I have decided to once again go through the hell that is the cabbage soup diet. I started yesterday and am doing great so far {the first two days are easy.} I already feel lighter and somehow healthier. 

Day 1: 
Soup & Fruit {no bananas}

Day 2:
Soup & Veggies. Baked Potato for dinner.

Day 3: 
Soup, Fruits & Veggies {no potatoes or bananas}

Day 4:
Soup, Bananas and Skim Milk

Day 5:
Soup, Beef and Tomatoes

Day 6:
Soup, Beef and Veggies

Day 7:
Soup and Brown Rice

Lord help me. 

Also, you should all know that this is my last week of blogging before the wedding, so this entire week will be wedding related....sorry! It's almost over. And, you should be excited for the guest posts I have lined about amazing! 

In other news, J had his Bachelor Party this past weekend. Him and his boys took a lil' road trip down to Iowa State so J could watch his team the Texas A&M Aggies play! They had a great weekend and J not only came home alive but with all his teeth and without any noticeable injuries! Good Job Hunny! 


Jessica said...

You are gorgeous and will be on your wedding day! Cabbage diet or not. ;)

MIL2B said...

I agree with Jessica above. Your MIL2B is getting nervous rather anxious excited. Love you!

Katie said...

You are so gorg - with or without the diet!

I do a yeast free diet, and that totally helps reduce weight (and bloat) too.

Enjoy the short time before the wedding - so happy for ya'll!


Nicole-Lynn said...

lol that picture made me laugh! You'll be amazed how the weight just falls off that last week before the wedding! I simply just didn't have an appetite, and I usually love food :)

You're going to look awesome.. I just know it! Gosh, where did the time go? You're getting married in 2 weeks? :) So happy for you!

Miss K said...

ok, so i went to vegas this weekend and saw a guy who looked JUST LIKE JASON (but not as buff) i had to do a double take before i went all crazy blog lady on him about how i know you and what not. LOL

don't lose too much weight sister, you don't want your dress to be too big now!

Jenna E said...

I am the worst stress eater. I'm with yah on that one. I binged hard the week of the wedding.

Bride-onicles said...

OOF good luck with that cabbage diet..but you will look beautiful either way!!! I am a stress eater too..!