Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Projects

I am so happy, excited and relieved to have all of my DIY projects done! A couple of weeks ago, I shared the card box I made. The rest of this stuff was pretty small and manageable but it seems to always be these little the things that people leave for the last minute and then stress about, plus we all know these projects always take more time than we anticipate. 
So, here's what I did...

Ceremony Bubbles:
I ordered some mini-bubbles from theknot.com. They were having a sale, so I got  150 bubbles for like $15!
Then I got some standard black ribbon to tie around each bottle. 
Finally, I got a super cute b&w container from Target to keep the bubbles in.
Bailey loves helping mom with wedding projects!!! 

Table Numbers: 
This one can hardly be considered a DIY project...but I did do it myself, so I'm sharing it. I designed my table numbers using Word, then sent them over to {my now work} Bryant Graphics to be printed. 
Then, I bought these super cute little wire stands from etsy.com. I was a little disappointed with them at first {they're kind of flimsy} but they ended up working just fine. 
I combined the two elements and voila....table numbers! 

For these I downloaded a template off of a label site {sorry, can't remember which one}, then added our message, had them printed and cut down, punched a hole in the top and added a ribbon.

So, one thing I am weird about is handwritten escort cards...I know they can look really nice and I am sorry if you did handwritten escort cards, but I am too high maintenance and I think they look sloppy, at least they would if I wrote them. So, I had the genius idea to use labels and card stock to make my escort cards. I just bought standard white labels from Target:

and once I had all of my RSVPs and my table assignments done I used Microsoft word to create a label with each guest....

As you can see I used a little chicken symbol and a little carrot symbol on each card to signify whether the guest is having a chicken or vegetarian meal, this way the waiter knows what meal to put where and the guests can just enjoy their conversations without being interrupted.

cute, right?

Then, I got black card stock, cut it in to 3x3 pieces and folded them in half. Then all I had to do was put a label on each one, alphabetize them and my escort cards were done!

Again, I just designed these on word and printed them at work. Super simple. Super easy.

Originally I had planned to do a program similar to this one:
I bought all the materials and designed them on Word. Then, while at work I came across a program that we had printed for one of the wedding designers we print for and became obsessed. The layout was SUPER simple but it was huge. its an 11.5x11.5 sheet of paper folded in half. I loved it. SO, I scrapped my whole idea and designed a new one. 

Sorry everyone but you're going to have to wait until after the wedding to see all of the completed projects! I know you won't be able to sleep until then! :)

What did you DIY? 


Jessica said...

Love everything you've done and can't wait to see the programs!

Danielle said...

Ooo! Everything looks great so far! I can't wait to see how your programs turn out, I just finished mine and I LOVE them!

MIL2B said...

Very impressed with you my darlin. You complete to the T better than anyone I see.

Miss K said...

love it!! the menu is adorable!!!

Carolyn said...

Good work! :)

Ruthie Hart said...

I love your craftiness! I wish pinterest was around when I got married (but I still did some fun crafts!)

Bride-onicles said...

Love them all!! I am holding out till after the wedding to show alot of my DIY projects!! You must be getting soooo excited!

Saying I do said...

these are great projects, can't wait to see them in action!