Friday, October 14, 2011

I Made Beef Stew!

I am not the greatest cook, but I am working on it. One thing I am always super scared to cook is beef (unless it's ground beef, that's easy) so I typically avoid any beef recipes...poor J has to be so sick of ground turkey and chicken breast. Anyways, I have seen so many of you posting delicious Fall Crock Pot recipes. I have a crock pot, but all I ever use it for is entertaining....ya know, when I'm right there watching it. The thought of leaving this thing on at my house ALL day made me SOOO nervous. But, I figured if you all do it, I can do it. So I decided to conquer my fear of beef and of Crock Pots in one swoop.

So, on Monday night I bought stew beef chunks (or whatever the hell they're called), baby red potatoes, onion, carrots and celery and chopped them all up and threw them in my Crock Pot. I would love to tell you how much of everything I used but I was TOTALLY and COMPLETELY flying by the seat of my pants on this one. Then I added a can of Beef Broth, about a cup of flour, about two cups of water and waaaay too much worcestershire sauce, I wish I would have measured so I know how much NOT to use next time. Finally, I seasoned the mixture with a little brown sugar, some garlic, basil, and J's Uncle's crazy spicy seasoning mix (just a pinch). Then I mixed it all up, threw it in the fridge and Tuesday morning right before I left for work I set the Crock Pot to low and went about my day. 

I have to take a second to thank Caroline for inspiring me to try a c.p. recipe and Katie for talking me through my anxiousness because I literally thought about my house burning down the entire day...thank goodness Bailey wasn't home. 

About 9 hours after plugging in the Crock Pot I made it home from work and the house was not only intact but smelled delicious! The stew was SO good! I definitely need to tone back the worcestershire sauce next time...but other than that it was a success! 


Have a great weekend dolls!


Young and Fabulous said...

WOOO this looks fantastic! I just love beef stew...perfect for fall. If only Kurt would eat it hahah looks like ill have to make it all for myself! nom nom


Katie said...

Good job girlie! I'm so glad your place didn't burn down. I really enjoyed all your anxious tendancies this week hahah :)

The Small Ranch said...

It looks delicious, right color, nice bite size pieces, good job! Your husband to be, used to like Carol's recipe,(his grandma, my mom), with some crusty french bread & butter (let's go with ICBINB) and how about some red wine at the table/while cooking too? You got all the right hookups!

Carolyn said...

YAY! So proud of you Beebs!

K_stets said...

Yay! Nice job. I am now super hungry. You should do a roast sometime.....super easy too. Usually just throw in the meat, and some veggies, a little water and let that baby do all the work. :)

Anonymous said...

Good girl! I love the meat chunks comment. The house did not burn down did it. You can feel better next time you plug in the crock pot. Just be sure to always unplug the toaster! m