Monday, October 17, 2011

Meant to Bee

Yesterday my amazing bridesmaids hosted a wonderful Bridal Shower for me! The theme was "Meant to Bee" perfect! You all know about my thing with bees, right? Well I love them! 

I knew this shower was going to be fabulous from the second I got the invitation!
I mean seriously??? Is that not the cutest thing ever? Beebs did so good!

I am really pissed at the lack of pictures that I took, but take it from me there was a TON of amazing food and even more a lot of wine.

There were amazing women in attendance and I received some fabulous gifts.
picture frame with engagement photos from my friend & wedding photographer Sara Jayne

Fabulous platter (with a matching bowl) from my sister! 

my gorgeous mama

That is literally all the pictures I have....sooo bummed! But, it was a fabulous time! This was my last shower and I really can't believe all of this is over! The only thing left is the wedding!!! So crazy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my gorgeous bridesmaids for putting together such a wonderful shower, and thank you for this killer wine-headache. Jerks.


Katie said...

How adorable!! That invite is sooo cute. She did a wonderful job. GO BEEB! Glad you had such a good time. lovin' the color of the dress you know that.. :)

brynn. said...

so fun!! and i LOVE that dress on you!

Young and Fabulous said...

ahhh the invite! REALLY!?! how cute is that!

you look adorable and just SO happy!

wedding day is approaching eeeeek!!


Miss K said...

such a cute theme and the invites are adorable!!!

Jessica said...

The invites are awesome! Sounds like you have an awesome group of friends :)

Carolyn said...

YAY! :) Glad you liked it!!

Bre said...

LOVE the picture frame! We need something like that for our engagement pics!

Steph said...

How exciting! It's almost wedding time! I can't even imagine the excitement you must be feeling! And I hope my bridal showers are half as cute as this one!
xo Steph

Nicole-Lynn said...

You looked so pretty! Glad you had a fun time at your shower! I was sad it was all over too!

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