Monday, October 10, 2011

Puggy Pop

Yesterday was my angel baby's 3rd Birthday! I have never loved anything so much and I cannot believe she is already 3! 
3 years ago!

We decided to road trip up to Bailey's grandma's (J's mom and step-dad's) for a big 'ol 3rd birthday party! 

Wearing her "Birthday Girl" ribbon

Grandma made her a birthday "carrot" cake!

Bailey got to spend the day playing with her uncles Casey & Dylan (two giant german shepherds who are so cute and so sweet with her.)

After our baby was celebrated, we all headed to our favorite small town bar in Bock to celebrate the grown up way.

We spent yesterday (her actual birthday) doing all of her favorite things....we took a super long nap and then went for a walk. :)

It was another great weekend and I think Bailey had a pretty good birthday. 

The last three years have been the best of my life and I cannot begin to imagine Bailey not being a part of it. She is the cutest, funniest and sweetest little girl and her mom and dad love her SOOOO much!


Katie said...

Happy birthday to my fur nephew from Rocky and I!

ruff ruff.

Caroline said...

Love this! Happy Birthday from Knox!

BadPicture said...

Yes, your baby girl is sooo sweet AND SMART, ... she knows when she gets to Grandma's house in the country. Her little face like a kid right up in the window. How cute and funny. Precious like MY DIL and son, along with GREAT friends and family. It's allll gooood! THANK YOU and now down to 26 days!

Stephanie said...

she is beyond adorable!! Aww-they grow up so fast, huh??!!

Love the carrot cake! ;)

Happy birthday Bailey! (she reads your blog so she'll get this, right?

Ashley said...

Precious puppy!! Happy birthday to Bailey!

Jessica said...

Aww sweet puppy!! Happy birthday to her!

(And I accidently erased your last email about your ring... oops! - once you get it back, just wear it out or to work, take it off straight when you get home or when you'll do something with your hands. )