Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sneeze Money

This is my grandpa, George. 
George and my grandma Nicki live in Colorado. When we were younger we would stay with our grandparents for a couple of weeks every summer. One thing I will always remember about those summers is my Grandpa counting sneezes. Every time one of us would sneeze my grandpa would yell "ONE." It didn't matter if we had sneezed once or twenty times that day, he would always yell "ONE." He would continue on talking about how "they" paid for sneezes. We never knew who "they" were but at the end of our summer trips we would receive a little monetary surprise that we nicknamed "sneeze money." 

The past three weeks I have been battling a brutal combination of a head cold and allergies and one day I was sneezing so much, I actually began to count. After I had hit 12 by 10:00am I knew I had to tell my grandpa. I sent him a text {yes he is in eighties and can text} explaining how many times I had sneezed. I got an excited text back shocked that I had remembered to count my sneezes. 

Three days later after getting the mail, I got this:
In case you can't read it, it says:

for Sneezing

12x .25 = $3.00

This is sanction and ratified by 
with the authority and approval by FTC
Washington, DC.


It was the cutest, funniest, most thoughtful and nostalgic thing I have ever received in the mail. My grandma has Parkinson's Disease and is unable to travel so I haven't seen my grandparents in over 3 years. I love them and miss them like crazy and having this special little memory brought back means so much. 


Miss Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh that's freakin adorable

brynn. said...


this is so sweet.

Leanne said...

By far the cutest thing I have ever seen!

megan said...

That is so cute! What sweet grandparents.

Ashley said...

Man I wish I got paid for my sneezing - I'd be RICH!!

Such a cute idea! You are blessed with sweet grandparents!

Katie said...

Awah that is adorable! he seems so sweet.

your family has amazing genes I might add.

MIL2B16DAYS said...

That is so beautiful and very important, believe me, something to cherish. See you sooon! LOVE YOU!

Mason's Mama said...

So sweet!

New follower - found you from Ruthie's blog :)

Jessica said...

Aww! Love it!

Miss K said...

i just started crying. such a sweet story!

Carolyn said...


Tracy said...

That is so sweet!! This makes me miss my Gpa!

Anonymous said...

How I love that man. So sweet that you wrote about it. I will make sure the little cuties see this post. m

Kristin said...

wow I love your grandpa

Nicole-Lynn said...

haha too cute!