Thursday, October 6, 2011

That Sucked

The last couple of days I have been consumed with our seating chart. Once I had 100% of the RSVPs I feverishly began to put seating scenarios together. The good thing about our seating chart is that all of my groups of friends know each other and same with Jason's friends, so even though we ended up with "high school" tables and "college" tables we didn't have to work too hard to divide up our pals. The hard part came when doing the families (remember, we have 8 parents....and then corresponding family members) and family friends AND it got tricky because we have round tables of 10 and rectangle tables of 6. While I love the variety and think the different tables will give the space a super cool look, diving people up in to groups of 10 and 6 is waaaaay harder than I anticipated. 

Well, I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night but the SEATING CHART IS DONE!!! 
There it is people, OUR WEDDING! They all look like they're having a good time, don't they? 
(ps. The giant blue rectangle on the right is the dancefloor.)

I have to once again pimp out
Not only is the guest list organizer AMAZING but using it for the seating chart was a life-saver! It gives you a list of all the people who RSVP'd "yes" and then you can create your table sizes and layout, then simply click and drag your guests in to their seats. Then, the list shows who hasn't been seated. You guys.....AMAZING! It made it so easy to move people around and work with different options. If you are getting married and aren't on weddingwire....what are you waiting for? 

Alright, another thing crossed off the list! What's next? 


Megan said...

I love the seating chart on Wedding wire! I have been using it as well! I am dreading having to actually complete our seating chart. I am glad that you finally got it figured out though! Can't wait to see more about your big day!

Katie said...

For our seating chart we used little pieces of paper and moved them to what table they should be at. It actually was surprisingly very easy. But I do love what wedding wire has to offer! Bet you are glad that's done! :)

Katie said...

We used an excel spreadsheet for our seating chart - it plain sucked. Neil (hubs) is addicting to spreadsheets, so that was easiest for him, but I'm a visual person. I am so mad I didn't know about weddingwire when we got hitched.. sounds like I would have loved it!!

Good luck in the final stretch - it is so exciting and fun!!


Miss K said...

seating charts are a nightmare. you always have those random singles or couples where you have no where to sit. congrats that yours is done, it's such a great relief!

Stephanie said...

You're a better bride than I was...I said screw the seating chart. Sit where ever the hell you want! LOL. They all seemed content so whatevs!

Total props to you! I could NOT have done that!

Bre said... has something almost identical. When you would seat people it would ask if you wanted to seat just them or their entire party. I had the seating chart done like a year before the wedding, lol! Made it easy since we only had about 75 people and we could almost guarantee they would all show up. One more month!!!!

Hannah @ The New Black said...

I just heard someone else gushing about weddingwire the other day! I'll have to bookmark that one! I see you're reading One are you liking it? I've heard mixed reviews...

Steph said...

Love your blog! It is so cute, and I am currently planning my wedding too, so hearing your trouble with your seating chart makes me nervous for mine! I am still at the "save the date" stage so I have a long way to go! I'm now a loyal follower of this fantasic blog!
xo Steph

Carolyn said...

Yay for 1 month left, and getting your seating chart done! whoop!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sooo fun! We used that seating chart too! Lifesaver!